Ministers unhappy with Kabimba

The wrangles in the PF can only come to an end if the President Sata seriously shows his power and adheres to the cries of the people who are calling for the party secretary general Wynter Kabimba, observes the African Youth Advocate leader Lameck Kamalo.

Speaking to the Daily Nation, Kamalo said that it was prudent that Kabimba stepped down if he meant well for his party and the President.

He said calls by young people for him to step down from his position were serious.

He said it was impossible for Kabimba to control the Ministry of Justice when he had failed to control his party.

“What is he doing for the country now? All what we see is exchanging words with political cadres at the expense of executing his duty as justice minister. If he really means well, he should step down on moral ground,” he said.

Kamalo alleged that even Kabimba’s colleagues in Cabinet were not happy with him, but found it hard to say so.

“All these wrangles in the party are affecting the developments of the country, even the head of state now is thinking about how to deal with his party wrangles, instead of talking about the suffering of people,“ he said.

He believed President Sata was the best person to put to stop Kabimba, and that the step he took on allowing those who want to stand to come in open was not enough to bring to end the confusion in the party.

“If the president was specific in trying to sort out and solve the problems in the party, the continuous calls to have Kabimba step down could have been not be there.

As a youth, I witnessed the cadres chant slogans to have Kabimba step down in the presence of the President at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport when he was leaving the country for New York over the weekend, which means there is something wrong, and what will people out there think of the justice minister. People out there will not blame the political party, but will blame the government,” he said.

We cannot keep on pretending when things are not okay in the country, because the country is headed for destruction if the relevant authorities keep on watching things from afar. Leaders must check themselves instead of using personal issues on things that has got nothing to do with the development of the country,” he said.

3 thoughts on “Ministers unhappy with Kabimba

  1. Smell the coffee sir, Sata is hand tied over removing Kabimba because Kabimba knows alot about everyone in PF leadership more so Sata. Remove Kabimba and see how PF will fall as he will go down with alot of other people. That is the result of building a project on deciet and crookedness.

  2. It is surprising that PF members are demanding the removal of Kabimba without giving reasons. Knowing cadres and some ministers, they are simply not getting their kleptocracy succeeding. Lets face facts Kabimba, Sata and Lubinda are pioneers of PF and they would like it to excel by fufilling campaign promises not propitiating a few selfish members. As SG he has very little to do with National interests, as SG how does this affect law abinding citizens? We must remember that we are from the MMD system which was totally corrupt, were almost every member got away with K2 billion hidden somewhere. You can’t develope by pleasing disgruntled cadres.

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