NAREP advise Kapeya against outbursts

The National Restoration Party has counselled newly-appointed information minister Mwansa Kapeya to be sober-minded when addressing challenges that the people of Zambia are facing.

Joseph Mushalika, the National Restoration Party (NAREP) national chairperson said that failure by Kapeya to understand the concept of leadership had proved to be the main challenge the PF government was experiencing.

He said that the unwarranted outburst by Kapeya on opposition NAREP president Elias Chipimo was not only uncalled for but also strange.

Mushalika said that Kapeya should have consulted President Michael Sata and Vice-President Guy Scott who have openly accepted that the PF government had failed because of the calibre of its ministers who had failed to explain to the people of Zambia what the government had achieved so far.

“President Michael Sata castigated his ministers for not telling the Zambians what his government had achieved over the two years. He went on to say they were lucky because there was no opposition in Zambia. These statements were attributed to the President during a meeting for PF leaders and Cabinet ministers and during the swearing in ceremony for the ministers of information and lands,” said Mushalika.

He said that attacks by Kapeya were not only disappointing but also disgusting, adding that the chief government spokesperson chose to counsel NAREP and failed to respond to the issues raised in the statement.

“We wish to reiterate that NAREP will not depart from issue-based politics. We encourage the chief government spokesperson and other leaders to take a leaf from the Republican Vice-President, Dr Guy Scott, who has admitted that the two years of PF rule have been difficult,” he said.

The agricultural policy is still in tatters, the constitution-making process is still shrouded in mystery, numerous youths are still roaming the streets joblessly, PF cadres are a menace to those with divergent views, entrepreneurs are being flushed out of business because of unfair competition from the so-called investors; the list is endless. We encourage the chief government spokesperson to take a moment of silence and ponder over these issues and give an appropriate response and not a reaction,” he said.

Mushalika safurther stressed the Vice-President’s words..

“We agree with Dr Scott that the excitement must now die and it is time to serve Zambia with the diligence.

“We are certain that the beneficiaries of the bloated government have been rewarded enough.