as Changala asks PF to abdicate

The Patriotic Front has shown that it is indisciplined and has therefore lost the mandate to continue governing, civil rights activist Brebner Changala has said.

Changala said the admission by the PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba that the ruling party was the most indisciplined political party in the history of the country was a hallmark of failure and that the ruling party should therefore resign from government to allow democracy and the rule of law to flourish.

He said it was amazing that Kabimba who is the PF chief executive officer could openly admit that his party was the most indisciplined political party he had ever seen since 1964.

Changala told the Daily Nation that his biggest concern was that Kabimba as the secretary general of the ruling party had failed to marshal support from within the party and had allowed low ranking party officials to kick him left, right and centre.

“It is as good as an army general facing a mutiny in his own ranks. My biggest concern is that Kabimba has failed to marshal support within his own party and he has admitted that the PF is the most indisciplined political party he has ever seen since 1964. The PF has lost the mandate to govern and must step aside to allow democracy and the rule of law to flourish,’ Changala said.

He said Kabimba should serve his face and resign as secretary general of the PF to save the country from further destruction.

Changala wondered whether it was by coincidence the cabinet and central committee members were watching the fracas in the ruling party from the terraces while the police had seemingly taken leave of absence.

He stated it was saddening that the police had allowed the PF militia to superintend over the daily lives of Zambians.

‘The happenings in the ruling PF is a sad story and must be stopped forthwith,” Changala said.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be possible to initiate a vote of no confidence motion in parliament? Unfortunately, the speaker is a PF sympathiser and hence wouldn’t even entertain the motion. Mature democracies do not fear calling for an early election if there is instability even from within the ruling party. Look at recent happenings in Australia.

    I once worked with this NGO but I was forced to leave because of the working of the ladies by the names of Patience Sakuringwa (Executive Secretary) and Euphoria Chambula (Manager Administration). These duo are a danger to the SMEs’ Organization. Before the former Executive Secretary Maxwell Sichula commonly known as Uncle Max was forced to resign by former dictator Chairperson Siakaziba, the Organization was really in full gear and SMEs round the were happy and benefiting fully. Now the 2 ladies are a disappointment, crooks and snakes. If they go unchecked, the organization soon will go under earth. The old lady chambula got a corrupt contract through her brother who is Managing Director at zesco. zesco was hiring trucks from the private sector to do their works. chambula took advantage of this and corruptly agreed with Patience to use the ZCSMBA truck and all the money raised went into chambula’s account. The same chambula corruptly bought a Toyota land cruiser for the organization without following laid down procedure. She has also huge sum of unretired imprest. Patience also hasn’t retired her huge imprest and she stole a car used to drive before she became the executive secretary. when I left the organization, they employed an accountant Evelyn Lung who wanted to resign because patience doesn’t follow financial regulations. Lungu is still with ZCSMBA because of someone who is advising her and also to handle her job professionally. The 2 crooked ladies have taken advantage of the weak board of directors which does not say anything. these are the people who represent all the 10 provinces on behalf of all the District Business Associations around the country. When these chaps come for board meetings, and given good food they get drunk with the food and forget to represent their electorates and just second whatever these to ladies bring in the meeting without debating. they just organize for board meetings and AGM to show to the donors and other stakeholders that they implementing good governance what goes on these meetings, you cant like it. To make matters worse the board chairperson is a politician and was mmd councilor but resigned and joined pf where was cleanly white washed in petauke when he re-contest the elections. But this is against the zcsmba constitution and the board members are just quiet. it is also against the donors guidelines and principles. I want to write a strong letter to all the donor for zcsmba to suspend their funding until zcsmba is put in order. consequently, I strongly request ACC to probe zcsmba management for the sake of the SMEs out their. Remember the private sector is the major employer with above 80% in our country. I will be happy if you moved in so quickly and I will still give you move information.

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