PF most indisciplined, says Kabimba


The Patriotic Front is the most indisciplined party in the history of Zambia, says its secretary general and Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba SC.

In an interview with Radio Phoenix, the Patriotic Front party chief executive officer, said the levels of indiscipline in the ruling party were unparalleled in the history of Zambia

“This is the highest level of indiscipline that has ever been witnessed in any political party in the history of this county,” Kabimba said.

But Lusaka district youth chairman Julius Komaki accused the embattled party secretary general of having a history too chequered to remain at the helm of the party secretariat.

“The PF is being seen to be corrupt because Kabimba has issues with the Anti-Corruption Commission, let him step down so that he can be questioned by the commission on the oil deal allegations of corruption involving Trafigura, Dalbit and those other companies,” Komaki told the protestors.

Kabimba further asked the protesting party youths to take their grievances to President Sata; the party premier who ironically endorsed the protesting youths’ leader Robert Chikwelete as Lusaka district chairman, confirming the ouster of Goodson Banda; a Kabimba appointee.

“I have made my position clear as Wynter Kabimba and secretary general of PF; Chikwelete and his group know, they know who the appointing authority is. If they have any problems, instead of disturbing the innocent Zambians doing business in the central business district they should take whatever complaint or grievances they have to the appointing authority who is His Excellency the President,”

What they are doing now, by marching around Lusaka, disturbing the businesses and business houses in the central business district, is anarchy and indiscipline.

I believe all well-meaning Zambians must condemn this conduct by Chikwelete and his group.

We cannot accept that this is how you ran a country; this is not how you present your grievances.

I was not appointed from the streets; I have a letter of appointment as secretary general and as minister of justice, they are not from the streets,” Kabimba said.

And when asked on calls by PF youths for him to step down, Kabimba retorted:

“I want to tell Chikwelete and his group that I will not go their way, I’m here serving the Zambian people and Chikwelete does not represent the Zambian people.”

And during the protest, police yesterday blocked the cadres from marching on the streets with the youths claiming that the police would not have done so if President Sata was in the country.

The President is in New York.


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