Kanyama fights looting thugs

Kanyama residents yesterday protested against thugs who looted their area because they had been evicted from a farmland they had illegally occupied.

Chanting United Party for National Development (UPND) slogans and brandishing the party’s symbol, the residents joined the police in chasing the looting thugs from the area and clearing the road.

The residents vowed that they would vote for the opposition UPND to end the violence thugs had unleashed on them.

The events ensued after the police raided the Trishul Holdings-owned farmland which is about 15 kilometres from Lusaka central business district on Mumbwa road In the early hours of yesterday. The farm was invaded by  thugs who later sub-divided it into 30 metres square plots which the sold to party members at a paltry K10 price.

During the raid, the police arrested 300 people and took them to an undisclosed detention centre.

By press time yesterday, theose arrested where still being processed, and police say they will appear in court today charged with tresspass.