Reverse tribalism

The Patriotic Front is naked.

The very fact that we all know what transpired in their joint central committee and Cabinet meeting held at State House shows that there is no confidentiality left in the party any more. The party has been infiltrated by a third force which does not mean well.

Whoever leaked details of the meeting went to a lot of trouble naming the “arrogant and corrupt tribal” clique that is set to hound Wynter Kabimba, who is being projected as a victim of a ferocious Bemba cabal. Those named include some very senior, competent and capable individuals whose commitment to the nation is beyond question.

The moral of the story being that Wynter should not be criticised for incompetence or any other reason because he is not Bemba!

This argument is fallacious because it ignores the fact that it was after all a Bemba President who appointed him secretary general of the party and then nominated him to Parliament and subsequently named him Minister of Justice.

Wynter and his supporters did not see the “Bemba” factor until his competence, allegiance and loyalty have now come under question.

The truth of the matter is that many serious Cabinet ministers and central committee members have been concerned by Wynter’s association with the cartel that has been providing him propaganda.

They are also concerned with issues of the governance as they relate to allegations of impropriety in  oil procurement and his association with an oil marketing company- at a time  he was serving as chairman of a Commission of Inquiry appointed to investigate malpractices in the industry.

Secondly, the standoff in the Judiciary has been blamed on him. This includes the appointment of the Chikopa Tribunal whose origins lie in the US$14 bilion Development Bank of Zambia loan deal to Zambian Airways, in which the government, particularly the inistry of Justice appears to be playing a hand.

Not everybody is amused.

Secondly the standoff between the legal fraternity and the Judiciary over the appointment of Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda is another area of rancor.  Wynter and his staff at the Ministry of Justice have taken a position diametrically opposed to the opposition taken by the Law Association Zambia.

These things are hurting the party and will continued to do so for as long as nothing is done to rectify the situation.

The issues before the party have nothing to do with tribe; they have everything to do with performance or lack of it. In any case Wynter has stated that he holds no Presidential ambitions. He has declared undying loyalty to President Sata, to whom he will defer and step down if instructed.

Of course this sound rather incongruous and disingenuous because the President is Bemba and should by logical extension is a party to the campaign to hound him out of the party, if indeed this was an effort by the Bemba clique.

The issue at hand is that the party is now in a state of total disorganisation and as chief executive the buck stops with him.



One thought on “Reverse tribalism

  1. I don’t like Kabimba but I think you are being very unfair to him. The buck does not stop at kabimba table but Satas. If you think Kabimba did all he was doing on his own, then I don’t know. Kabimba was arrogant because Sata has his back. Sata is no push over and you are giving too much power in the cartel. Sata enjoyed the cartel but he is finding them a good scapegoat for his woes. Birds of the same feather, flock together. Indeed the Pf is naked but that is because Sata is the one taken off its clothes. If you have not seen the appointments to strategic positions all going to Bembas, then again I don’t know. PF is biased towards bembalization, whatever that means. Give Wynter a break! Yes he has messed up big time but he is not alone.

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