Fear factor

We salute the Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu for his very terse and truthful assertion that Police are frightened of dealing with  wrong doers who claim to belong to the ruling Patriotic Front.

The fear factor is pervasive.

Many crooks are getting away with blue murder because there is all manner of fear of retribution if the course of the law is made to visit those considered to be powerful and influential, close to the powers that be.

 The wise have said that “when good men refuse to act, there will always be an evil person that will seize the opportunity to gain power, and use it for his own purposes.

The people of Shechem learnt the lesson the hard way. When Gideon refused to lead, other people took the opportunity to lead and drive the city to an abysmal end.

The moral of the story is that bad things happen when good men do nothing.

For many weeks now reports of land invasions have become legend, people have been killed in skirmishes and many others have stood helplessly as marauding thugs have terrorised land owners in the name of being party officials.

The confusion within the ruling Patriotic Front has not helped matters either, because most of those spearheading the illegal invasions have done so in the name of a party that has no cards or identity forms.

For a while, many Zambians even entertained the thought that the PF was practicing land grabs Zimbabwe style.

Finally words of reason have emerged from the leadership. The statements by Vice-President Guy Scott, Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu and Minister of Lands Kalaba have gone a long way to re-assure citizens that no “Zimbabwean style” land grab has been sanctioned by the government.

Dr Scott made a particularly poignant point when he stated that power attracts all manner of riff raffs including criminals and chancers. This is a point which the party must have realised from the very beginning. If it had done so, a lot of the pain being endured would have been saved.

There is a criminal clique that has wormed its way into almost all administrations, seeking favour to perpetuate a reign of terror and wrong doing using threats, flattery and guile.

The incoming Patriotic Front was forewarned about this clique but refused the advice. The party is about to reap the result.

 For far too long good men have done nothing about crooks and pretenders who have wreaked havoc to this country. These are individuals who have presented themselves as paragons of virtue.

By refusing to get involved, we sometimes create a scenario where the wrong kind of people starts calling the shots. Let’s apply this to the local Church. Often times, there are carnal people within the church that are hungry for power, and they are always looking for opportunities to advance themselves. And there are others within the body, who are good men, who just sit back and let it happen: perhaps because they have a lot of things going on in their lives or maybe because they are just trusting men, who are willing to yield to others. By the way, it is never a good sign when an individual is seeking position. Truly spiritual people will often be reluctant to take positions because they either feel unworthy, or doubt their own ability. However, we need to not neglect the opportunities and responsibilities that God places in front of us, because when we refuse, it opens up the door to someone else who may not be God’s choice.

We can also see this in government. Good people often refuse to get involved, leaving the door wide open to men who may not have the best interests of the people at hand. The end result of all of this is that things begin to change for the worse for everybody. Good people need to stay in the process, so that we all can keep the good things that God has entrusted to us. How involved are you in the process? Do you get involved in the local church, and in your community and local government? Do you even vote? We need good people to do their part. The devil never stops trying to advance his agenda. We need to stay in the game in order to keep him from taking from us the wonderful blessings that God has given us.

There is a very close correlation between freedom of information and selective prosecution

The police are indeed sacred of prosecuting people perceived to be friends of the system including party officials who infringe the law.

As a result any form of impunity is conducted under the cloak of the ruling Patriotic Front, where the police and indeed other prosecution authorities grow cold feet.

One thought on “Fear factor

  1. The one thing he has not answered is why the PF seems to be tolerating all these riff raff gangs! It all comes from Sata’s directive that his ministers can only be investigated after permission from him has been sought, simple! By the time he realizes, these riff raffs will be calling for his removal and it will be too late for the police to act. I also doubt the PF or elements therein have no hand in fueling this anarchy, I mean, Sata himself is a very well known anarchist, remember the hackings in Chawama?

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