Kabimba must resign, face ACC

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has been challengd to relinquish both his government and party positions in view of the recent protest against him by party cadres, and face the Anti Corruption Commission without the clout of government leadership.

In an interview, the former ambassador to Japan Joe Mwale challenged Kabimba to step down.

According to Mwale, party cadres are calling for his resignation because Kabimba had proved he does not possess leadership qualities, saying if the contrary were true, cadres would not have gone out of their way to protest against their senior party official.

However, Mwale expressed doubt that Kabimba would be magnanimous enough to resign due to what the former ambassador termed “several cases pending against with the security agents”.

Mwale observed that Kabimba is holding on to his position as justice minister to seek state protection.

“If it was not for the cases Kabimba is facing, he would have resigned a long time ago. But now he is scared because if he is to resign, the Anti Corruption Commission that has issues with him will pounce on him and he will have no cadres to shield him as they did the last time he was summoned for questioning,” he said.

Mwale further dared Kabimba to step down if the accusations against him were not true and face the ACC without the dignity of a ministerial position, saying the ACC would harass him like they do all opposition leaders.

“We have doubts that all the cadres that shielded him at the time the ACC wanted to question him over his involvement in the Trafigura saga would accept to used by him anymore,”