Kasama gives Kabimba 48hrs ultimatum

PF members Kasama constituency yesterday protested against party secretary general Wynter Kabimba demanding that he steps down within a two-day period or face unspecified actions.

In a manner similar to the Lusaka protest, Kasama cadres after assembling at the party offices located in the town’s central business district, cadres carried a mock coffin which they said was symbolic of the embattled secretary general’s political death and dispatched the same on a saloon car to the town’s only graveyard, Chiba cemetery.

Despite party provincial secretary Evarest Chella saying, in an interview, that his party members had the democratic right to protest but must do so respectfully, the protestors carried placards with unprintables.

The cadres rebuffed Kabimba’s allegations that the protests were tribal saying Northern Province loved all their officials regardless of tribe, and demanded that Kabimba resigns from all his party and government positions within 48 hours of face unspecified consequences.

And in Ndola, all constituencies in the district yesterday demanded that Kabimba steps down.

The constituencies represented were Ndola Central, Chifubu, Bwana Mkubwa and Kabushi.

The Ndola protest march was also a mock funeral type as the cadres ‘wailed’ as they carried a mock coffin labelled ‘Kabimba is dead’.

The cadres marched from Ndola’s civic centre to the party’s district office where they gathered.

Addressing the crowd at the PF offices was PF district chairperson John Chisulo who said it is known that Wynter Kabimba is no longer wanted by the PF people and some PF leaders and that they want him to resign or step down.

Chisulo also warned all those elements working against the party and President Sata should stop because they know them and they are not going to spare them.

“ PF will not sit idle and spare, watching the bad elements in the party destroy the party, if they so wish to form another party, then leave the PF alone, all those speaking against President Sata should go and form their own party” he said.

Chisulo added that the PF was not a tribal party as stated by its secretary general.

“This party for sure has a lot of different tribes, me am a Senga by tribe, where is the tribalism, those who have seen that PF has tribalism they should resign and move out of the party,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Kasama gives Kabimba 48hrs ultimatum

  1. Kabimba is now experiencing the ‘Politics Without Morals’he talked about.The Bible says:You reap what you sow.Kabimba has sowed immorality and he’s reaping immorality.How I wish he could be Born Again,and ask God for his sinful nature.

  2. Wynter is pathetically arrogant and lacks wisdom.In short,he is not a good model of a leader.PF may save themselves from total collapse by getting rid of him.

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