Kabimba has insulted Sata

All Patriotic Front (PF) party organs from the ten provinces have resolved that embattled Justice Minister must resign his position of secretary general with immediate effect.

And PF Kapoche constituency losing candidate in the 2011 elections Paradius Sakala has charged that the ruling party’s secretary general Wynter Kabimba has directly attacked and insulted President Michael Sata by branding the leadership in the party tribal and indisciplined.

The PF member has demanded the immediate resignation of Kabimba for abusing the support and immunity he was enjoying from President Sata and has appealed to the Head of State to immediately dismiss the Justice Minister.

Announcing the resolution after a consultative meeting by officials from the ten provinces at Nakatindi Hall yesterday, Lusaka Province PF chairman Haris Longwe said the party had resolved that Kabimba should resign because he had lost touch with grassroot membership.

Longwe said all the organs have decided to petition the central committee to have Kabimba expelled because he had destroyed the relationship between the ruling party and the members.

PF central committee member Willie Nsanda during the official opening of the consultative meeting said the party was not going to allow anybody to cause disunity among the members.

And Sakala who is one of the founding members of the ruling party in Eastern Province said it had become clear that Kabimba had destroyed the party and that it was necessary for the President to take action if the PF was to remain a peaceful and strong political party.

“It is indeed extreme for Kabimba who is the secretary general to call the party that he has worked hard to build as most indisciplined and tribal. This is a careless statement coming from a learned lawyer and state counsel. It has therefore become prudent for Kabimba to resign his position as secretary general immediately. The current immunity and support he is enjoying from President Sata and the leaders of the party is being abused,’ Sakala said.

Sakala has challenged Kabimba to state which tribe he was referring to in his statement because the PF was not formed on the basis of ethnicity and regionalism.

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