Kambwili dares Kabimba

Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has been given up to today to report the said tribal and corrupt clique allegedly scheming to expel him from the ruling party to police and Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) failure to which, he (Kabimba) would have to be ready to face the consequences of his careless statements.

PF Youth national chairman Chishimba Kambwili has come out strongly after Kabimba was quoted in some sections of the media claiming that tribal and corrupt elements were taking advantage of the absence of President Michael Sata to hound him (Kabimba) out of the ruling party.

The political feud between Kabimba and Kambwili has reached new acrimonious levels with the Youth and Sports minister branding the embattled Justice Minister a naturally indisciplined man.

Kambwili has accused Kabimba of working at maligning the leadership of President Sata and of destroying the ruling party.

He said it was not surprising that Kabimba was throwing tantrums at some leaders in the PF and government because that had been his character.

Kambwili told the Daily Nation in an interview that Kabimba was the most indisciplined secretary general the ruling party has ever had and that his allegations that there was a tribal and corrupt clique were unfounded and misdirected.

The Sports Minister has challenged Kabimba to report the corrupt elements in the PF to the police and Anti Corruption Commission and asked him to stop slandering and scandalising the ruling party on account of the current rebellion against him.

But when contacted for a comment on the matter, Kabimba strongly said he was not interested in talking to the Daily Nation and that the newspaper was wasting his time calling to get comments from him.

“I do not talk to Daily Nation and you are wasting my time,’ Kabimba said before he terminated the call.

However, Kabwili said the ruling party was not going to allow the PF secretary general to destroy the party by peddling wild allegations of tribalism and corruption.

“I do not want to comment on his (Kabimba) wild allegations but all I can say is that Kabimba is naturally a most indisciplined person. If he has information about corruption in the party, as secretary general of the party, he should have reported such to the Anti Corruption Commission and the police. But we are used to his wild allegations because each time he is in a crisis, he resorts to scandalizing other people. I challenge him to report the people he believes are corrupt to ACC by Monday or it will be very unfortunate for him,” Kambwili said.

Kambwili recalled that Kabimba was on record that there was a company that attempted to bribe him in the procurement of oil but that he had failed to report the matter to police or ACC because his accusations were baseless.

Kambwili explained that Kabimba had realised that the PF was corrupt and tribal after the cadres he was using to victimise and purge his perceived enemies from the party.

“Let Kabimba be a man and stop the habit of demonizing other party officials when things are tough. We have not forgotten that it was Kabimba who told the nation that there was a company that attempted to bribe him in the process of procuring oil but he did not report the company to ACC. Let us promote the interest of the party and not this tribal and corruption tags Kabimba is waving,” Kambwili said.


3 thoughts on “Kambwili dares Kabimba

  1. Our dear dull Minister of Injustice could be right, for example, dear kahippo, do you think we don’t know your corruption! Baluba,the Youth fund and the rest….we do, when the time is right, WE SHALL PLAY THE MUSIC.
    Guess who will be dancing…Leopards that look like hippos!

  2. This gorilla also, imagine this fool was once minister of foreign affairs. When he went to Australia with Scott to attend the commonwealth summit, he farted a scrap metal stinker right next to the Queen nearly sending the poor old Liz Windsor into a seismic fit.

  3. Kambwili dont be scared, take it easy. You are always emotion,why ? The truth shall come out. Kabimba is right, how many Bemba’s are in Sata’s govnt, you think tatulemona ifilecitika.
    Mwaleseka levy at familly tree.
    You insulted Fr Bwalya on radio, today it is Kabimba. Now what is remaing for you is to run mad.

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