Mulusa visits victims of PF land grabs

Solwezi Central member of parliament Lucky Mulusa has condemned the continued grabbing of private land by the Patriotic Front cadres and has called for laws that would protect citizens land tenure.

And Mulusa has commended the ruling party for adopting the economic infrastructure development programmes of the MMD but has hastened to advise the PF to begin initiating their own projects that would be associated with their leadership.

Mulusa, who yesterday visited some of the people whose land was invaded by the PF cadres in Lusaka West, said the impunity with which cadres were invading private land should be stopped with immediate effect because it had the potential to create anarchy in the country.

He said while the PF was engulfed in squabbles about who would lead them in 2016 and the expulsion of those perceived to be ambitious, there was need for governance to continue.

He said as a law maker, he was obliged to tour government developmental programmes because while the ruling party was tearing itself apart, MPs like him should step in the space created by those who were in government but preoccupied with power struggles.

“People want to listen to what the government is doing in their areas and not to be subjected to listening to fights between ministers in government. While they are fighting, we have to step into the space so that governance and development continues,” Mulusa said.

Mulusa said land invasion had become too common and that in Solwezi, the local authority had embarked on the campaign of evicting squatters so as to install sanity in the allocation of land.

Mulusa commended the police and other law enforcement agencies for quickly responding and arresting all those who had invaded private land in Lusaka West.

He said it was pleasing that the police had managed to round up all the cadres who had with impunity invaded the land belonging to Trishu Investment and started selling the same land to other private citizens.

The Solwezi Parliamentarian said for the first time, cases of illegal land allocation had become rampant and called with police never to be intimidated by cadres from political parties.

“It is pleasing that all those who had invaded the land belonging to private businessmen like Trishu have been arrested. We cannot have a country where people have no respect for property rights and I think there is need to put legislation that would protect people rights to property such as land. In Solwezi, people had invaded the council land and the local authority moved in and we have evicted them because there nust be order in the way things are done,” Mulusa said.

And Mulusa has said he was happy that the PF government had adopted the MMD programmes on economic infrastructure development such as the construction of roads in Lusaka and other provinces.

Mulusa who inspected the expansion of the Mumbwa road said he was impressed with the quality of works by the contractor and urged government to replicate the same kind of works in other provinces.

He however expressed disappointment that the Solwezi-Chingola road works were shoddy and that the contractor was allegedly mixing cement and gravel in mending the potholes.

He said while there were good contractors engaged to work on roads in other provinces, North Western and Solwezi in particular did not get the best and that the works were disappointing.

Mulusa has also urged President Michael Sata to balance his distribution of development programmes across the country stating that while some regions were seeing a lot of development, other were only being promised.