Scott misled parley, says Chikwelete

New Patriotic Front Lusaka District chairman Robert Chikwelete has said that it was unfortunate that Vice-President Scott described him during Parliament session last week as ‘a self-appointed chairman’.

He said that Dr Scott was not being truthful in the manner he was informing the nation about his appointment.

The Vice-President told Parliament last week that Chikwelete was a self- appointed district chairman and the party did not recognise him.

When contacted for an interview, Chikwelete said that, “My brother, you know it well, it is just unfortunate that he took it to Parliament and made that statement which was full of empty words. There was no single truth in what Dr Scott told Parliament. It was just politics at play.”

He said that it was unfortunate that Dr Scott had exposed himself to be working against President Sata by joining the enemies of the party who thrived on peddling lies, tribalism and other vices in the ruling party.

Chikwelete reminded Dr Scott that he was enjoying the position of Vice-President because he was just appointed by President Sata just like he was also appointed by the head of state as district chairman.

He questioned Dr Scott’s scathing attacks on him over the Presidential appointment which all senior party officials enjoy.

“We are all appointed by President Sata, Dr Scott himself was appointed by the head of state. He was there when I was being appointed and I am surprised that he went to Parliament and lied to the house that I am self imposed or appointed chairman when it is His Excellency who appointed me.

I respect Dr. Scott as our Vice President but that statement he gave in parliament was empty and had no truth in it. God is great and he has exposed him. God exposes people with hidden agendas like those working against President Sata and Dr Scott has dragged himself into that problem,” said Chikwelete.

He said that it was unfortunate that the number of people working against President Sata was growing, adding that as district chairman he had touched on a matter that exposed Dr Scott.


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  1. Taking into account that Guy Scott is famous for his “SWINE SCANDAL” during the FTJ Chiluba era, most of the well-informed Zambians cannot trust pronouncements made by this white PF lunatic.

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