We choose our own Chitimukulu-BRE

The Bemba Royal Establishment has no obligation to consult government on who should be chosen Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, says the royal family representative, Kombe Mulenga.

Mulenga has said it was the traditional right of the Bashilubemba to chose the heir to the Chitimukulu throne.

Kombe told the Daily Nation that as far as the Bemba tradition was concerned, it was the duty of the Bashilubemba alone to chose the next Chitimukulu.

Kombe said that careless talk by the PF government officials had strained the relationship between the Bashilubemba and the PF regime because the traditional leadership resented the interference by the state in traditional matters.

He stated that chiefs and affairs minister Professor Nkandu Luo knew the lineage of chiefdoms adding as a person hailing from the Bisa, she should have been more responsible in her statement.

Kombe said that government should not declare war against the chiefdoms by showing arrogance on how they wanted to handle traditional issues.

“The government should not keep on threatening to degazette Chiefs so that they dance to their tune. And we want to remind Prof Luo that the former senior chief Mwamba who is now the Chitimukulu was never dethroned. Senior Chief Mwamba and other traditional leaders were there even before this government was appointed” he said.

Mulenga said the Bashilubemba had taught the government a lesson by defying manoeuvres to illegally install chief Chewe of Chinsali district as Chitimukulu because he was far from the hierarchy.

“And we want to remind the government that the BRE is determined to uphold the resolution made by the Bemba royal council (Bashilubemba) without government’s recognition. Every chiefdom has its tradition that needs to be respected,” he said.

Mulenga noted that the Bemba traditional leadership would not succumb to the intimidation and harassment from the state over the succession process in the installation of the Chitimukulu.

He said government must just respect the views of the Bashilubemba succession ladder to avoid unnecessary wrangles with chiefs, adding that the Bashilubemba were not going to bow to political pressure that was destroying democracy in the country.

2 thoughts on “We choose our own Chitimukulu-BRE

  1. The problem with PF Administration is that,they have antagonized everybody and everything.The Barotseland issue,Chief Justice,Chief Jumbe,Their own Party wrangles,the Public Order Act.the PF Police force,the toothless ACC.The list is endless.

  2. Bo Sipopa I think you are very blind about why government has to recognize chiefs. Even the colonial government did it.

    The problem with you Zambians is that each one of you want things moving their way. you talking of 12 million ideas.

    The problem we have in the Bembaland is that during the last almost 60 years no paramount chief has come from the route of Chikwanda -Mpika then Nkula – Chinsali and finally Chitimukulu in Kasama.

    All Chiti Mukulus come frome Kasama because the so called ba shi Lubemba are all from Kasama.

    Surprisingly there are more chiefs burried at Shimwalule in Chinsali than there are in Kasama.

    I think the only solution here will be to do it the Kaonde way where each chief has his own succession line.

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