Kalindawalos in ‘traditional coup d’état’

Michael Sangu Tembo, the regent Senior Chief Kalindawalo whose reign was annulled by both the High and the Supreme courts is today set to be reinstalled to his former position.

Never the less, the family of Everson Mumba, the man who took over the reins after the said court action but was himself deposed by the Patriotic Front government, has described his nemesis’ installation as a “coup d’état”.

Mumba’s group has accused the government of disregarding traditional rules governing the identification and installation of traditional leaders by allowing Tembo to the chieftaincy.

They have charged that the government has completely disregarded the ruling of the High and the Supreme courts by bringing back the man who had been rejected by the local traditional leadership and courts.

Family spokespersons Collins Chisomo Tembo and Abisalom Mumba told the Daily Nation in an interview that it was strange that President Sata had decided to withdraw the recognition of Everson Mumba as senior chief Kalindawalo with an intention of reinstalling a man who had lost his traditional legitimacy as Senior Chief Kalindawalo.

The family spokespersons have accused Home Affairs Minister Edger Lungu and former Bank of Zambia (BoZ) governor Dr Jacob Mwanza of being behind the schemes of breaching the Kalindawalo hierarchy and the Constitution by imposing Tembo on the throne.

They said it was surprising that while Nsenga chiefs were against reinstalling Tembo as Senior Chief Kalindawalo, the government through Lungu and Mwanza had decided to ignore the court rulings and had brought back the man who was not in the lineage of the Kalindawalo chieftaincy.

The preparations of reinstating Tembo as Senior Chief Kalindawalo are said to have been concluded and today, a ceremony to have him climb back to the thrown is expected to take place and government has allowed the process to go ahead despite the matter still being in court.

“The process of reinstalling Michael Sangu Tembo as Senior Chief Kalindawalo even when his chieftaincy was nullified by the High Court and the Supreme Court is going ahead. The government through Edgar Lungu and former Bank of Zambia governor Dr Jacob Mwanza have been scheming to overthrow Everson Mumba and tomorrow the ceremony of imposing Tembo on the people of Kalindawalo is taking place. What is surprising in the whole process is that the government has completely ignored the traditional system, the court rulings and the Constitution in the process and we wonder what law they are using to bring back Michael Tembo,” the family representatives said.

They said according to the Nsenga traditional culture, it was not the grandson of a reigning chief but the nephew who was the heir to the Kalindawalo throne.

They said today’s traditional ceremony where Tembo would be purportedly installed as Senior Chief Kalindawalo was traditionally illegal.