Mansa MMD warns pro-PF priest

MMD party treasurer Mwansa Mbulakulima has warned a named Mansa Catholic priest against campaigning for the ruling Patriotic Front, and has further urged the ruling party to mourn late area MP Kennedy Sakeni with some decorum  by not engaging in campaigns before the official campaign period is sanctioned by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

The opposition party has further written to the Electoral Commission of Zambia over the premature campaigns by Vice-President Dr Guy Scott and the ruling PF in Mansa Central Constituency.

“We have launched investigations in a matter where a Catholic Church Priest was politicking in church and tactfully allowed his parish chairperson to make a statement that they should vote for the PF in the forthcoming by-election in Mansa.

These are the same priests that brought this brutal government which has inflicted pain to Zambians. There are no economic benefits we have seen in the PF and we want to find out why a priest should do that,” Mbulakulima said.

He further said Vice-President Guy Scott must not get annoyed when people protest through song against him because of the failure by his party to fulfil its campaign promises.

The MMD Chembe member of parliament Mwansa Mbulakulima was referring to an incident last week when the Vice-President was booed by chief Miyenge’s subjects and Matanda villagers after he visited the areas and started campaigning for the forthcoming by-election in Mansa Central.

In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Mbulakuluma said that the hostile reception Vice-President Scott and his entourage received in Luapula province was as a result of failure by the PF to restore dignity by not fulfilling their campaign promises.

Mbulakulima said that Dr Scott went to Luapula to launch the Mansa Central by-election campaign three  weeks after the burial of late area member of parliament Kennedy Sakeni a situation which has annoyed the people of Mansa and Luapula province in general.

“Dr Scott went to Mansa to launch the Mansa Central campaign for the PF and not what he said that it was a normal and routine government visit. But I have to warn him that you cannot go on deceiving people like that. He must know that Zambians are not naive.

His pomposity for political power is surprising especially that it is not beneficial to the people of Luapula and Mansa in particular, the PF are using power which is misplaced,” said Mbulakulima.

He said that it was sad that the PF failed to mourn the late minister of information Kennedy Sakeni who was buried three weeks ago and have seen it prudent to start the campaigns before the Electoral Commission of Zambia declares the campaign period.

The Chembe lawmaker added that the late Sakeni would be turning in the grave seeing how fast he had been replaced by the PF.

Mbulakulima observed that, “Sakeni must be turning in the grave. Is this the kind of respect they have awarded him? People of Mansa are shocked at the PF’s conduct and they are extremely disappointed. However, as MMD, we are happy that Dr Scott has found out how the reality is against PF in Luapula. He was taught a lesson.

He went to Matanda to hold a meeting and he complained over the anti-PF songs people were singing in welcoming him in the area and he got annoyed and asked the people why they did not do the same to the MMD,” he said.