The wisdom of silence

Wynter would have done well to keep quite.

If he did, nobody would have known that Cabinet Ministers are corrupt. That they travel out of the country to cut corrupt deals for their personal benefit.

We would not have known that there is a tribal clique in Cabinet trying to hound him out of his position ostensibly because he was not their kin. Now we even know which ministers spoke against him in the joint Cabinet and party central committee meeting.

We would not have known that he had such a low opinion of his party cadres he characterised as street kids.

Wynter succumbed to faulty counsel which encouraged him to answer back and take on all comers and must therefore bear the consequences of his indiscretion. As chief executive officer, he transgressed the fundamental of organisational integrity. Nobody within the organisation can trust him.

His statement that only President Sata has the right to dismiss or discipline him, not only begs the question but actually puts the President in a very invidious and precarious situation where he must choose between loyalty to an individual compared to loyalty towards an organisation.

The running remarks Wynter has been making against his colleagues through hostile media have damaged him beyond repair. Few will trust him to keep party confidences because of his demonstrated ability to scandalise his own.

He would have done well to keep his peace and remonstrate with his colleague in the confines of Cabinet which provide for robust internal debate. Sadly he decided to pander to external interest and audience.

The wisdom of the Bible counsels for silence in such circumstances.

 Proverbs 17:28 states “Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.”

Indeed the wise have said that  “ Anyone can spout off their opinions but  It takes a wise man to know when to be quiet, because keeping quiet  is a more powerful statement than proving someone wrong. Silence can be a stronger answer than opinion.

It is impossible to fight a multitude that is why even Christ remained silent when others were trying to prove he was wrong. He could not shout down the crowd.

“When we allow others to spout their opinions and have the wisdom to not join in their ranting, we show ourselves to have discernment and to have wisdom above and beyond their foolishness.”

 Wynter has singlehandedly, escalated what should have been a manageable internal conflict into a national issue which has brought the entire party into disrepute, by the aspersion of very serious allegations which must be answered satisfactorily otherwise President Michael Sata will be accused of hiding corruption and wrong doing among his ministers.

What is equally certain is the change in internal party dynamics because Wynter has been accused of collaborating with forces and interests inimical to party and national interests.

  The attempt to trivialise serious matters of principle concerning tribalism and is totally disingenuous and an exercise in futility because Wynter will be held to account both by his colleagues in Cabinet and central committee, within the party in general and the general populace keen to hear details of the Cabinet corruption.

The wise have said that : “A nickname is the heaviest stone that the devil can throw at a man. It is a bugbear to the imagination, and, though we do not believe in it, it still haunts our apprehensions.”

Knowing when to keep quite or not is an art which leaders must master. How to know when to keep quiet is an art. It is art which leaders must master in order to ensure that they lead effectively.

A leader who is unable to discern signs of the moment is not fit for the onerous position of leadership.


3 thoughts on “The wisdom of silence

  1. Hehehe he was warned that the monsterous Pf he was creating will come to haunt him back and time has proven this.Wynter is sitting on a time bomb and it will explode soon.Pf is headed for doom.I don’t see them going beyond 2016.Haleisa Haleisa.They are so tribal and power hgungry.imagine there is years left on the their term yest they are preoccupied with endorsements and fighting instead of fulfiling the promises they had made to the zambian people

  2. wynter is full of himself, he can never accept his mistakes. what he did to za-yellow is now bearing fruits. you reap what you sow.

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