There is no 100% PF area anymore – HH

Patriotic Front’s reign is endangered because the electorate are already tired of it, Hakainde Hichilema has charged.

Speaking during a Livingstone United Party for National Development fundraising braii over the weekend, the party leader said that the PF was feeling the UPNDs heat in terms of political fortunes.

Hichilema said that the UPND had made Zambia an unsafe political zone for the PF and would continue reminding the party of its failed promises.

“There is no safe area for PF in Zambia anymore. The UPND has entered what they (PF) used to call their stronghold like Kafulafuta and we beat them hands down,” Hichilema said.

“I want to tell you the people of Livingstone that the outcome of the recent by-elections where we beat PF 4-1 as opposition is a clear sign that Zambians have rejected them. And I promise you that UPND will get its first seat in Eastern Province through Malambo,” he said.

Hichilema said that the whole country was responding well to the UPND including Northern and Luapula provinces where PF used to feel safe.

He said that UPND is growing by the day adding that he was optimistic that 2016 would be a bad year for the PF as a government and as a party.

“The whole country is responding to your party UPND, including Northern and Luapula where PF  was safe as its stronghold,” he said.

Hichilema urged UPND members countrywide not to relent but instead continue selling the party and its agenda to the Zambians.

And Hichilema has noted that UPND as a party will no longer rely on contributions from members of parliament for it to run smoothly.

Hichilema said it was therefore imperative for the party to venture into fundraising activities that would raise resources for the party.

“I want to commend the district chairman for organising this braii. As a party, we should no longer rely on contributions from the MPs much as they went to Parliament on UPND tickets. We should also look at other avenues of raising funds for the party,” he said.

And speaking at the same event, UPND provincial chairman for Southern Province Billiard Makwembo encouraged other district to emulate Livingstone, Kalomo and Choma districts that have successful fundraising braiis.

Makwembo said that the decisions to hold fundraising braiis are meant to raise funds for the party’s operations.

He said that this will also help the party grow in all areas countrywide as it will also give an opportunity for members to interact.

Makwembo further charged that the UPND in Southern Province was angry and disappointed with PF cadres who attacked Hakainde Hichilema and his entourage when he went to Kasama recently.

He said that as a result of that, the UPND would not allow the PF to organise itself in Southern Province.

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  1. Don’t forrow what pf is doing. do things in yo own way. Upnd is for upright pipo so don’t sink so low to say weare not going to alow pf to organise itself in s/provence. Let the pipo of zambia and the world at large see and prove that pf is not for good.

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