50 PF MPs abscence throws parley in shock adjournment

Parliament yesterday experienced the first-ever adjournment due to inability to form a qourum after over 50 ruling Patriotic Front MPs absconded from the session called to discuss President Sata’s speech to the House.

And opposition members of parliament earlier walked out of the House in protest against ruling Patriotic Front party members of parliament who have constantly been absent from Parliament for unknown reasons.

Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, opposition MMD Solwezi Central member of parliament (MP) Lucky Mulusa charged that by constantly being absent from Parliament and continuously walking in and out during the deliberations, Patriotic Front (PF) members of parliament had taken their party’s gross indiscipline and lack of seriousness to govern the country to Parliament.

“We are supposed to look at the President’s speech but Cabinet ministers have never taken the President’s speech seriously. They constantly walk in and out and abscond from sessions.

They leave Chambers to go and organise party thugs to insult and attack other leaders.

We have several times raised points of order but the situation has not changed,” Mulusa said.

He further explained that the ministers were needed in the house to explain government official policy but instead chose to use the time they are supposed to be parliament to organise cadres to insult colleagues.

“We have said they need to be in the House so that when they answer policy questions, so that they are able to link solutions to the challenges people face. Despite the points of order, they have failed to amend their ways; no satisfactory answer has been given for their conduct.

Today we thought enough was enough; our action exposed the conduct of entire members of parliament.A quorum is formed when 53 members are present, but on the side of PF, less than 35 in total were present. Of that number only two ministers, Dr John Phiri and Yamfwa Mukanga were present,” Mulusa revealed.And Mulusa hailed the opposition walk-out as having exposed the ruling party’s wastage of public resources.“We have refused to mask the wastage of public resources. They are not serious. The huge salaries, houses and cars, they get are very costly and the ordinary people expect real benefits.If they are too busy for parliamentary business, they should leave it to other people. Zambians have a lot of problems like poverty and therefore need a more dedicated govt.

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  1. sure that is indiscipline of its kind lack of knowing why they are in the government.
    Bravo Opposition

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