L/stone council in wage sit-in

Operations in various departments at Livingstone City Council have been paralysed following the decision by workers to down tools over non-payment of two months salaries.

But Livingstone town clerk Vivian Chikoti on Monday pleaded with the workers not to go ahead with the sit-in protest because their issue was being addressed.

The unionised and non-unionised workers abandoned their offices around 08:00 hours yeaterday  and vowed that they would not return for work until the government paid them their salary arrears.

A check by the Daily Nation at the Civic Centre found the workers loitering while others were sunbathing outside the council premises.

Zambia United Local Authorities Workers Union (ZULAWU) Livingstone branch chairperson Kaluba Masese confirmed the development to the Daily Nation.

He accused authorities of not being sincere over the workers’ arrears.

“This sit-in protest is necessary because we haven’t been paid for two months. How do they expect us to survive? We have families, we need to pay rent, we need to send our children to school and we need to eat and feed our families,” one of the workers said.

On Monday, Livingstone town clerk Vivian Chikoti pleaded with the workers not to go ahead with their planned sit-in-protest but the workers defied the advice.