Name corrupt ministers

Fr Frank Bwalya has said that the Anti-Corruption Commission should prove their autonomy and independence by summoning Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba so that he could explain in detail about the corruption activities allegedly being perpetrated by some Cabinet ministers.

And the Alliance for a Better Zambia president has warned a Mansa St Francis Catholic parish council official who openly campaigned for the PF at a mass where Vice President Guy Scott, against abusing the church.

On Kabimba’s statement that there were corrupt ministers using government offices and time to cut deals, Fr Bwalya said that it was not the first time that Kabimba had revealed that there were ministers in the PF government who were corrupt and therefore it had become imperative that investigative agencies ask the Justice Minister to provide more information about what he knew.

The opposition political leader has also challenged President Sata to act on the allegations that some of his ministers were flying out of the country every week and that they were using government offices to acquire tenders to prop up their businesses which were failing when the PF was in the opposition.

Recently, Kabimba is said to have alleged that most of his colleagues (ministers) were flying out of the country almost every week and that they were doing their personal businesses in government offices.

Kabimba is reported to have said that his colleagues in government were busy acquiring tenders to prop up their businesses which were failing when the PF was in the opposition.

But Fr Bwalya has charged that the allegations made by Kabimba were serious and that investigative agencies should quickly commence investigations that were coming from a senior government and party official.

The ABZ leader President Sata had been failing to act on allegations of corruption because he was not allergic to corruption centrally to his claims that he hated the vice.

Fr Bwalya said now that Kabimba has publicly announced that there were some of his colleagues in government that were corrupt, President Sata should immediately get rid of people who were making his government unpopular.

He said failure on the part of the President to act on allegations of corruption in government would be misunderstood that he (Sata) was condoning corruption.

“We urge the Anti Corruption Commission to show their autonomy and professionalism by summoning Kabimba to get details of what he has been alleging about some cabinet ministers abusing their offices and commence investigations. These allegations are not new and it was Kabimba soon after the PF formed government who said that there were some ministers who in government to boost their businesses. Now that Kabimba has repeated, President Sata should take action or he will be misunderstood that he is condoning corruption,” Fr Bwalya said.

And on the Mansa incident, Fr Bwalya said the Catholic Church had been non-partisan and that he had decided to take indefinite leave so as to avoid the perception that the Catholic Church was sponsoring his political career.

He was commenting on an incident where the official, at a mass attended by Vice-President Scott strayed from his speech and went political when he told the congregants that there was no opposition in Mansa as the only political party on the ground was the ruling PF.

He was stopped from continuing with his political campaigns for the PF by Fr Rocky Mwansa who was conducting mass.