Police allow UPND Mandevu rally

The police have finally accepted to man the United Party for National Development rally scheduled to take place on Sunday in Mandevu constituency.

The UPND have had their police notifications to hold public rallies rejected by the police and the first time the opposition political party attempted to hold a rally in Kanyama, the Patriotic Front cadres took over the venue and disrupted the rally.

UPND vice-president political affairs Carnisius Banda confirmed to the Daily Nation that police have agreed to be present at the rally to provide law and order.

Dr Banda said police had decided that it was politically correct for the UPND to hold their rally in Mandevu adding that it was the right of citizens to assemble.

He said citizens and political parties did not need to get permits from the police but that all was needed was notifying the law enforcement officers so that they could provide law and order.

“It is a victory for the citizens and other political parties that would want to assemble. This is symbolic and we want to discuss with the people how difficult life had become under the PF. We want to tell the people that UPND will reduce the price of mealie meal, fuel and that when we form government, education will be free from grade 1 to university,” Dr Banda said.

Dr Banda said the UPND would also want remind the PF about the lies they told the people and that no country would be able to develop based on lies.

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