Sata won’t fire Wynter

Senior PF officials are concerned that President Michael Sata will not fire or discipline party secretary general Wynter Kabimba because there appears to be an understanding which other party officials are not aware of.

The officials have expressed surprise that President Sata asked the help of Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe to rebrand Kabimba so that he could start looking as a potential presidential candidate.

The revelation has sent shockwaves in the ruling party hierarchy.

The officials said it was now clear why Dr Scott had been calling Kabimba the boss because          he was aware of the arrangement.

“We had a meeting in Kabulonga on Monday until midnight and one of the things that came up was that there is a pact between President Sata and the secretary general. It had been learnt that President Sata has anointed Kabimba as the presidential candidate in 2016 and that is why he had directed the ministers and members of the central committee to defend Kabimba from the attacks from party members who have been demonstrating against him. So Kabimba is not likely to be fired or dropped,” the official said.

The pact has reportedly placed Kabimba as the heir apparent to the Presidency in 2016 as President Sata was not going to run for a second term in the 2016 polls.

According to the scheme, Kabimba will replace President Sata and in turn and in turn, one of the President’s children be made vice-president of the country with the eventual aim of taking over.

The officials cited this as the reason why Vice-President Guy Scott came to the defence of Kabimba at a time when almost all senior party officials and the general membership were demanding for his resignation.

The official explained that it was the reason Kabimba had arrogantly declared that he would not step down as demanded by cadres he described as streets kids.

The officials said that Kabimba was untouchable in the party, adding that even the central committee and the national chairperson could not discipline him only the President himself could do so.

“That is why Kabimba today can stand up and tell off party officials and cadres to be street kids because no one can discipline him apart from the president himself. But with the pact they have consummated it is difficult, it is like Kabimba has some leverage on the President which holds him there,” said the official.

They warned that the party would disintegrate if the unexplained Sata/Kabimba pact continues because the general membership of the party did not support Kabimba for such top position.

“We were shocked when we asked a very senior party official  to act on this matter the other day, and she came out very clear that she cannot do anything, she had no authority. The only person who can stop this is Kabimba and President Sata himself nobody else will, not even me. We went to Attanga, the deputy secretary general and she also told us the same thing that she was too junior to talk about that matter and what is scaring all of us is the future of people like Jean Kapata who even wrote a letter seeking that Kabimba be disciplined,” said the official.

The official also said that President Sata was at crossroads on how best he could resolve the matter because two of his close lieutenants were found to be at tag of war.

“This is where GBM comes in, President Sata has problems with chiefs in Northern Province and he needs GBM to help him resolve those problems he has created and on the other hand he has Kabimba pact. The party is torn apart, the sooner we resolve this problem the better for all of us,” said the officials.

One thought on “Sata won’t fire Wynter

  1. Kabimba has executed a lot of horrible errands on behalf of President Sata – details of which Guy Scott is privy to such noxious dark side of the PF Presidency. This explains why Sata is hesitant to fire Kabimba and prosecute Mmembe and Nchito over the well-known DBZ saga.

    However, Kabimba’s hot-headedness to publicly attack his Ministerial colleagues has pierced a prickly THORN in the flesh of many PF original founder members and financiers that ushered in Sata at Syate House. Worst still, Sata’s unwise confrontation with the Bemba Chiefs may entail that if PF crumbles to pieces, then Sata will go down crashing with Kabimba and the Mafia.

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