‘Treat Kabimba as a whistleblower’

Zambians must treat Wynter Kabimba as a serious whistleblower on corrupt activities by some Cabinet ministers in the PF administration, Brebner Changala has said.

He said Kabimba occupied one of the most sensitive ministries which was the Ministry of Justice and would no way lie about what he was talking about.

Kabimba was quoted last Sunday on ZNBC TV saying that he had empirical evidence on corrupt ministers and that he was not hallucinating when he revealed that the PF had corrupt elements in its ranks.

Changala noted that a day later, Kabimba was backed by the Vic- President  Dr Guy Scott who also said that there were senior PF members in government who were corrupt and tribal and thought they would escape their shortcomings through the dismissal of Kabimba.

He said this revelation by the Vice-President should be treated with the seriousness it deserved and urged the Anti Corruption Commission to seriously institute investigations into the matter.

He wondered why the Commission would sit on information relating to corruption when we had a minister who was willing to help with information.

“The ACC is now on a second test. First it was the President who interfered with the Kabimba investigations and now it is Kabimba who is saying he knows the corruption that had rocked his government.

Wynter Kabimba and Guy Scott have assured the nation that they know the ministers that were corrupt and why should the ACC s back and relax instead of asking of information from Kabimba? I call upon the docile Commission to take the revelations very seriously,” Changala said.

He reminded the ACC that President Sata was allergic to corruption and if this corruption went unchecked ‘this allergy might kill our head of state as a consequence’.

Changala observed that the revelation was serious and it was the only time for the ACC to act and help the PF to get rid of corrupt elements.

He said this was a great bonus to the country which could not slip away without looking into it.

The civil rights activist said both Kabimba and Scott should be commended for their timely revelation which would serve the country a lot of resources.

He said the two had done their party and that Zambians now expected the ACC to move in and stop the rot.

Changala encouraged the embattled minister to report the corrupt ministers to the Commission and that he should not be intimidated by a group of those that were corrupt.

He said this would help the ruling party to strengthen its guard against corruption and would also restore credibility in the current administration.