as Chipata, Kabwe, L/stone councils strikes

The strike by unionised workers at Chipata Municipal Council yesterday entered day two as the continued to press for two months salary arrears and other allowances owed to them by the local authority.

And unionised workers at Kabwe Municipal Council have resolved to join workers from other local authorities in the protest to press government to pay them their September and October salaries and have vowed not to resume work until the conditions are met.

The workers in Chipata Eastern Province told the Daily Nation that they would not return to work until their needs were met and have also demanded for the removal of director of administration Mwape Katemwe and town clerk Akan Chingangu.

The striking workers accused the two of not representing the workers and only concentrated on their own issues.

They said among other things that the two had been frequenting Lusaka pretending to sort out issues that were faced by the unionised workers but no thing had happened.

“We want the minister for local government to transfer Chingangu and Katemwe because these people have just added on to the problems at Chipata municipal council.

All they know is to go to Lusaka and they have not told us what happened to our money. We shall not go for work unless we are paid our two months salaries and all allowances owed to us,” the workers said.

And newly appointed Kabwe Town Clerk Oliver Muuka says it is regrettable that he was being greeted by work protest by workers before he even settles in office but he is optimistic that government will find a long lasting solution to the problem.

Zambia United  Local authority Workers Union (ZULAWU) Kabwe branch chairman Chrispin Kandala told the Daily Nation that workers have resolved to ignore local government minister Emerine Kabanshi’s directive for them to return to work.

Nurses in Western Province yesterday went on go-slow following government’s recent pronouncements on the salary hike.

According to the union leader, Ronald Solami, the nurses decided to go slow because the promises by government were not inspiring.

Solami told the Daily Nation that they have given government 48 hours to address them, failure would continue with the go slow, because they were not cleared on the issues regarding salary hike.

“No one who is coming clear on the issue, and we want the government to come and address us and tell us their position over the matter, and we are expecting government officials to address this matter diligently,” he said.

He said a go-slow by nurses in the country would expose serious challenges the nurses were facing, especially in saving lives.

Some nurses and midwives had planned strike action countrywide over the salary increment following government’s pronouncement that public service will receive a 200 per cent salary hike.

However, reports reaching the Daily Nation revealed that some hospitals on the Copper belt province were in the process of striking today.

But nurses have written to the government seeking intervention and clarification on the hefty deduction from their salaries following a recent wage hike.

The Zambia Union of Nurses Organisation (ZUNO) president Thom Yung’ana said that it has been observed that the nurses felt cheated over the salary hike.

Yung’ana said that some disparities amounting to underpayments were affecting their members because the total increment does not amount to 21 per cent.

Yung’ana explained that the true status after critical analysis of a number of nurses’ and midwives’ September 2013 payslips showed that the revised monthly basic salary amounts for nurses and midwives in salary scales F and G were not effected to some eligible nurses and midwives, contrary to the provisions of the 2013 collective agreement (Appendix 1) signed between ZUNO and the government.

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