Fake fertilisers

It is absolutely criminal that someone can package worthless material and sell it as fertiliser.

It is also criminal that the Zambia Bureau of Standards can be collecting monies from the distributors of this junk as ‘certification’ fees when no assessment is done of the chemical composition of these products.

The effects of these lapses will be hunger in the homes of the ordinary Zambians; countless people will starve because criminal elements and negligent regulators allowed profiteers to get away with the act.

The toiling of countless peasants dotted around the country will in vain because heartless criminal elements have chosen to defraud hardworking Zambians of their rightful reward; a good harvest.

These characters are bagging sand and all manner of chaff and later selling it to our farmers as fertiliser.

Their actions do not surprise us; the global criminal syndicates have gone so far as to sell fake medicines. Countless of our people have died because of swallowing whiteboard chalk labelled malaria tablets.

Only a fool would trust these mercantile capitalist to act in his or her best interest.

But this is exactly what the Zambia Bureau of Standards has done; it has given these elements all the trust. It believes these companies are hauling fertiliser in the country when all they are bringing is material which is substandard and is of unknown chemical composition. 

ZABS is not inspecting the nonsense labelled as ‘fertilisers’ that is flooding our country. Despite collecting hefty revenues for ‘certifying’ this garbage coming in, ZABS does not care enough to have these products actually tested to determine their efficacy.

Putting unknown chemicals and industrial waste in our soils will compromise our national food security after the next farming season. It will also poison our soils and further reduce our arable land.

What is the government doing about this? Nothing?

We need to take action now and correct this criminal enterprise taking root.

We have taken samples of these materials imported as fertiliser and independently subjected them to tests; they are nothing but industrial waste granules with mere traces of what actual fertiliser contains. Last year’s poor harvest could also be attributed to this; the fake fertilisers our farmers are using.

There is need for all stakeholders to ensure that this vice is arrested as it threatens our people with starvation.

If we are to record a bad harvest, may it be because elements beyond us failed us and not because we allowed criminals to short-change us.