Nsenga happy with Kalindawalo’

The Nsenga people have refuted statements in the media that their tribesmen and chiefs are saddened by the installation of Mikaile Nsangu Tembo as Senior Chief Kalindawalo.

Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, Justin Tembele-Mumba, the Nsenga Royal Establishment coordinator said that contrary to some media reports that Tembo’s installation ceremony was shunned by prominent people but the district commissioner, the event was well attended.

“The Nsenga people are very happy with their new Senior Chief Kalindawalo; over 5,000 people attended the installation.

In fact, out of the 11 Nsenga chiefs who are chiefs Nyanje of Sinda; Mwanjawanthu, Mumbi, Nyamphande and Nsandwe of Petauke; Mwape, Ndake, Lweembe and Nyalugwe of Nyimba; and Mbuluma of Luangwa, only Mbuluma and Nyalugwe were absent at the installation and sent their apologies.

This is unprecedented especially when you realise that the time Everson was Kalindawalo, he held two Tuwimbe ceremonies but no more than three chiefs attended the events,” Tembele-Mumba said.

The royal spokesperson also counselled the camp of the deposed chief Everson Mumba not to wage in the media their war to reclaim the chieftainship.

“My advice to the Mumba group is that they should come to the village and put their arguments across.

A Kalindawalo is chosen by Mbumba’s (maternal sisters and nieces) and not the courts.

In any case, we obtained an injunction from Judge Hamaundu and when the royals met, they chose Mikaile Nsangu Tembo and not Everson Tembo,” he added.

According to sources close to the matter, Everson Mumba who is paternally a Chewa and maternally a Nsenga was removed from the throne because he was seen to be dragging the tribe to the his father’s tribe, Chewa of Paramount Chief Gawa Undi.

The Nsenga, whose most senior leader is a Senior Chief, have traditionally been inclined to the Chipata-based Ngoni Paramouncy of Mpezeni.

The new Kalindawalo is set to host the Tuwimbe Traditional Ceremony mid-October.