Bemba’s say Luo fanning trouble

“We are very upset and disturbed by the remarks by Nkandu Luo who is causing unnecessary tension by continuing to misled President Michael Sata and the nation on whom should be Mwine Lubemba,” the Bemba chiefs have said.

Speaking to the Daily Nation in Kasama the chiefs said it was unfortunate that President Sata had appointed a person who encouraged confusion in chiefdom by not understanding the traditional procedures.

The chiefs have further advised Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Professor Nkandu Luo to stop meddling in the affairs of their chiefdom saying that she did not know anything about Lubemba.

They said contrary to assertions by the minister, the Mwine Lubemba is not installed by the queen mother but by the Bashilubemba.

“Ukupyanika infumu (installing a chief) is not done by the queen mother. Our tradition has vested authority in the bashilubemba who are the custodians of the Bemba tradition from the time we came from Luba-LundaKingdom.

“As far as we are concerned, these statements are causing unnecessary tension and it’s not our habit to be fighting with people when issues are clearly stipulated. Ngoshe Mukote as far as the Lubemba is concerned does not bear the chiefs,” the chiefs said.

The traditional leaders argued that the chiefs that the minister was referring to were Chimbuka and Chewe who were appointed and gazetted by President Sata.

They maintained that the Lubemba had nothing to do with two chiefs because they were chiefs for the President and that there were sub-chiefs who were not anywhere near the decision makers.

They said that the insistence by Luo was causing unnecessary tension between the Bemba’s and government and that this has made them annoyed.

The chiefs said it was not their fault that the government would refuse to recognise the Mwine Lubemba Henry Kanyanta Sosala because the proper procedure was followed and that even government officers were present when all this was happening.

They accused Luo of causing confusion and misleading the President on how chiefdoms operate.

“We are not interested in quarrelling with government because we are non-partisan and it is not our habit to quarrel with people. If Luo has issues with the Lubemba let her come out and tell the nation what the problem is.

We shall not accept to be used and we shall not be intimidated. This issue of not gazetting the Chitimukulu are not our issues whether they accept or not baSosala is the Mwine Lubemba,” they said.







One thought on “Bemba’s say Luo fanning trouble

  1. Prof. Nkandu Luo was trained as a Microbiologist in Russia and elsewhere. Her study of microbes (bacteria and viruses) does not give her a ticket to comprehend traditional cultures relating to Chiefdoms in any part of Zambia.

    The problems with some half-baked academics, is that when they attain a Professorial position they tend to be big-headed to the level that they believe they are experts on all human disciplines. But in developed and civilised states, Professors stick to their disciplines to guide ther postgraduate students for life.

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