Kitwe City Council management face purging

Workers at the Kitwe City Council have protested against manoeuvres by PF councillors to force management officials to be retired in national interest in a scheme meant to purge workers perceived to be against the ruling party.

And the civic workers have threatened to down tools if government does not intervene in the scheme by stopping councillors that wanted a Mr Bwalya out of his office for being professional.

The workers complained to the Sunday Nation that it would be unfair to force managers to retire on the basis that they refused to be used by some civic leaders on issues that would not benefit the electorates.

They revealed that some councillors and cadres that were involved in illegal land allocations and corrupt dealings were pushing for the removal of some managers.

“Yes we have a problem. Some councillors and party cadres want Mr Bwalya and others out of the offices because they have refused to be used by the party members and councillors that are involved in illegal land allegations.

“These people are now trying to force some managers to retire in national interest but we have information that they want to replace them with some PF members some whom have not even worked in the council before. As council workers we feel this is unfair and we would want to appeal to government to intervene in the matter,” the workers said.

They said the PF members had been having meetings to oust the managers without looking at their contracts of service.

They said after the directive from the ministry that councillors involved in illegal land dealings should be reported to the ministry, a named councillor organised some party cadres to rise against managers.

They stated that Bwalya was one of the managers against the activities of the councillors and that it would be unfair to retire or transfer managers on grounds that they could not agree with what the PF councillors were demanding.