Lawyers have lost trust in Judiciary

Zambian lawyers have become rebellious because they no longer have confidence in the Judiciary under the Patriotic Front government, says former minister of finance Situmbeko Musokotwane.

Contributing to the debate on President Sata’s speech in Parliament yesterday, Dr Musokotwane analysed the current debates over the tenure of acting chief justice Lombe Chibesakunda and protest by lawyers over the same. He cited it for the loss of trust in the Judiciary.

“This is the first time in the history of this country where lawyers are now rebellious because they believe that there is no confidence in the Judiciary. For the first time in the history of the country politicians wants to appoint traditional leaders yet these tradition leaders have been good at choosing their leaders. They have never brought a government that has been bad as the PF,” said Dr. Musokotwane.

He said that the governance record had degenerated to the levels where ministers in government were giving policy direction that all MPs who wanted to go to their constituencies should seek police permits.

Dr Musokotwane said:  “One of the ministers here said that those that want to go to their constituencies should seek permission from police. Is that good governance? Mr Speaker these people say that they are very committed to good governance and is asking MPs to get permit from police part of governance? I can go, on with the transgression of the PF against the opposition.”

He said that the PF had quickly turned from being the most loved government to the most hated administration due to their violent and misleading nature.

Dr Musokotwane observed that it was sad that in the two years the PF had been in power the ruling party had grown to be the most hated party and government among the poor and those that understands governance.

“These colleagues they have grown from the party that was loved to a party that is hated.  You go on mini busses they hate PF, markets hate PF, bars hate PF, women hate PF, the PF should ask themselves what has gone wrong? They make promises they don’t honour.