PF puts Zambia’s food security at high risk -UPND

The Patriotic Front government is putting the country’s food security at high risk as a result of the reckless manner in the management of the nation’s food reserves, says Monze Central UPND Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu.

And Mwiimbu has noted that it was saddening that the Patriotic Front (PF) government was distributing development selectively.

Contributing on President Michael Sata’s speech in parliament, Mwiimbu said that Zambia’s food security was at risk under the PF because of the poor agriculture policies being implemented.

He said that lack of listening and consultation by people in leadership had affected service delivery in various sectors of the economy.

“We were assured that the chaotic input distribution exercise that took place in the last two years will not reoccur but there are no inputs that have been distributed. The onset of the rains and planting season is around the corner. The manner the PF is managing the agriculture sector in not inspiring and if they continue, the food security of the country will be at risk,” said Mwiimbu.

Mwiimbu noted that the reckless statements by those in government in the management of food reserves in the nation had endangered the lives of many people.

And Mwiimbu has accused the PF of having adopted a selective way of delivering development throughout t he country.

He said that it was sad that the PF and its leaders had no plan for Southern Province when other areas were highly considered for various developmental activities.

“I was thinking that the President was going to address the concerns of the people of Southern Province in his state of the nation address to Parliament. We are all aware that Southern Province has become an arid province and all of us have been praying and pleading with the government to ensure that the people of Southern Province are provided with water to ensure that they engage in irrigation farming. But also the promises that have been given by various governments have never come to fruition,” said Mwiimbu.

He singled out Gwembe Valley as one of the most affected or neglected areas in the region which needed serious government attention after people were displaced from their original settlements to pave way for the construction of Lake Kariba many years ago.

The UPND lawmaker said that it was sad that President Sata failed to specifically address the plight of the people of Gwembe by giving them hope that government would address their concern.

He also said that it was not true that the PF government was committed to improving the welfare of the people of Gwembe and the entire province respectively.

“They have failed to work on the bottom road, can anyone tell me which part of the bottom road has been worked on and how many kilometres has been done. We are not going to live on promises Mr. Speaker, what we are doing is to plead with this government so that the people of Gwembe Valley should benefit like any other people of this country,” he said.