Desperate people

Desperate people do very desperate things.

Now that the Chikopa Tribunal has virtually crumbled, they want to use the excuse of tribe to blackmail President Michael Sata. This is despicable and unacceptable.

From the very start the recruitment of Judge Lovemore Chikopa to preside over a Tribunal that was intended to sanitize and absolve the Directors of defunct Zambian Airways from their K14billion theft from the Development Bank of Zambia was a very desperate act which is now backfiring.

Judge Chikopa has proved himself as a man who has no regard for the law and cannot therefore be expected to preside over any legal matters in this country, least of all a Tribunal that is intended to try our Judges.

We hope the Law Association of Zambia and the legal fraternity will be firm on this matter.

Yes; we are the first to admit that President Michael Sata’s cabinet is regionally unbalanced, it has a preponderance of Bemba speakers, but to conclude  from this that all  Bemba’s are tribalists is a serious leap in logic which  does a grave injustice.

Not all Bembas have benefitted from Mr. Sata, if anything the Bemba Royal establishment is at war with him- so much for Bemba unity.

It is not Bembas who voted Sata into power. It was Zambians in general who felt that he held a ray of hope and promise to ameliorate joblessness with his promise with more money in the pocket.

There is no hint of tribalism among the ordinary Zambian people who have taken the one Zambia one nation motto to heart. Intermarriages are the order of the day and nothing will be done to take the genie back into the bottle.

It is true that when he came into office President Sata felt more comfortable working with his cronies, in the hope of consolidating his power- a reality that many people including Bembas have spoken against.

That is why it is inexcusable and criminal for Wynter Kabimba and his group who have been working with Sata to suddenly wake up to the issue of tribe only because their interests are threatened.

Where were they  when we spoke about this matter and why were they silent.

The answer is simple. They were enjoying the benefit of political power which shielded them from the law. If Wynter leaves the scene the entire facade will collapse exposing them to the law.

To them President Sata was Michael- now he is a tribalist!

What nonsense.

They took advantage of him, but time has come for the truth to be told and for the law to catch with all those who deserve to answer for their criminal activities.

The Chikopa Tribunal is now totally untenable. Zambians should not be hoodwinked into chasing smoke and mirrors created by thieves and criminals.

What has been at stake is the entire Judiciary and criminal justice system that were being held at ransom by a few selfish. The bluff has been called. Let the law take its course.

There should be no sacred cows in this matter. Judge Chikopa has broken the law and must be answerable and should all others who treated the law with impunity.

Yes they have killed bodies, but not the soul and spirit of justice which is everlasting.