PF govt has failed to end poverty, says Namugala

MMD Mafinga member of parliament Catherine Namugala says Zambian leaders have not served the people well.

And Namugala said that the PF government had failed to address the high levels of poverty among the poor majority because it has forgotten about the people who voted them into government.

Contributing to the Presidential speech in Parliament yesterday Namugala said that Zambian leaders were irresponsible collectively.

“We are irresponsible leaders; we have allowed foreigners to get land because we are not thinking about our future generation. Now is the time for us to correct what we all know is wrong. As leaders we have not served them (people) well, we have not served them well because even the little space they occupy at the market is being taken over by foreigners. We have forgotten about the people who elected us into government,” said Namugala.

She said that the Patriotic Front in government had been talking about achievements in the past two years which includes the Eurobond and the link 8000 project, which she said was not enough for a government that campaigned and formed government on the premise of poverty reduction.

Namugala said that the PF was failing, adding that it was only fair that its leadership admits its failures as a result of not having the capacity to manage projects being financed by the Eurobond.

“That PF government must admit that there is no capacity to manage the Eurobond so as to create economic value to benefit the people of Zambia. It is sad that we as a nation can borrow and fail to fully utilise a loan which is an opportunity to impact poverty facing our people,” she said.

She said that it did not make sense for the people of Zambia to continue living in abject poverty years after independence, adding that the over dependency on minerals was no longer sustainable for the nation’s economic development.

“The PF has a duty to ensure that Zambians do not continue living in squirrel not now and not in the next 40 years to come. We need to put resources towards sector that can help to grow the country’s Growth Domestic Product (GDP).

She challenged the PF in government to ask themselves what achievements they can account for in the past two years of being in power and how they have impacted the livelihoods of poor Zambians.

And Namugala said that Zambians were living in greater poverty now than they did under the MMD government.

“Have you forgotten about them, have you forgotten that because you have broken your promises the people have no faith in political leadership? Our people are living in worse poverty than they did before you took office, our people in Mafinga are proud that they did not vote for PF,” said Namugala.

She said that the biggest challenge of the PF had been listening to the people of Zambia, “The greatest beneficiaries for good leadership are the people of Zambia. Therefore the PF must listen to what we are saying because we are in contact with the people when you are their being trapped by the benefits of power.

And we want to remind them about the promises they have broken, the PF promised that they would ensure equity in the distribution of land which they have not done.”