Sata blackmailed!

Pressure is mounting on President Micheal Sata from two factions of the PF to take decisive measures that would result in the dismissal of some ministers and a change in the party hierarchy.

The two groups have been having secret meetings to talk about their interests and how best they will defend their positions in the party. The anti-Kabimba has been holding its meetings in Kabulonga while the Kabimba team has been meeting along Independence Avenue, and the President is aware of these meetings.

Patriotic Front secretary general Wynter Kabimba’s supporters who include a named daily newspaper have invoked the tribal factor and have dared the President to fire the Bemba clique of ministers named by the Justice Minister.

The anti-Kabimba group is unhappy with being termed tribal by those attempting to blackmail the President into failure to take decisive measures against Kabimba who members say has failed to organise the formal party structures and has resorted to grooming his own parallel structures.

By emphasising the tribal factor, they hope to save Kabimba while dispensing ministers that are seen to be loyal to the President.

Caught in between the factions, the President to please the pro-Kabimba group must fire those Kabimba termed a ‘tribal and corrupt clique’, while if he is to please the anti-Kabimba group he has to fire his secretary general over alleged arrogance and ineptitude and association with the cartel; a course of action which is said to be difficult for the President  to take since he allegedly has a succession pact which would see the Justice Minister take over his portfolio and be deputised by one of his politically-active child.

The President is also said to fear firing Wynter as he is believed to command support among those with legal questions over them who used their newspapers and law firms to propel the PF to power.

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  1. The best thing to do for the president is to disolve the parliament and find someone to replace him. Is Emmanuel Mwamba a Permanent Secretary or the MP. The President should tell the nation why a permanent secretary is working as if he is an appointed MP.

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