Chikopa must pay legal bills

It will be abuse of office for the Attorney General Mumba Malila to attempt to waste state resources on defending Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa and his secretary Magaya Katunansa in their contempt of court case, Edward Mumbi has warned.
Judge Chikopa and his secretary Magaya Katunasa are expected to appear before Ndola High Court judge Mwiinde Siavwapa to answer to a charge of contempt of court and explain why they should not be sent to jail or suffer other sanctions for disobeying a lawful court order.
Mumbi stated that contempt of court was a criminal offence and judge Chikopa foot the cost of defending himself by engaging private lawyer and not abuse the Attorney General’s Chambers.
“Chikopa disobeyed the High Court Judge; he should have respected the order. Let him defend himself or find a private lawyer. We shall not allow for Malila to spend state funds on him,” Mumbi said.
Lawyers representing judges Nigel Mutuna and Charles Kajimanga are preparing final papers for the committal of Chikopa and Katunasa for their disregarding of an order stopping their tribunal.
This follows judge Siawapa’s decision to dismiss the defence against committal offered by the state saying that the absence of a warning against disobedience of a lawful court order did not offer sufficient ground for one to ignore it.
“He should go to court and defend himself without the state wasting money on him. I am warning Malila against attempting to use public funds to defend the Malawian judge,” Mumbi said.
Judge Siavwapa ordered that Chikopa be cited for contempt of lawful court orders and must therefore appear in court.