Hoteliers accuse govt of abetting labour abuse

Livingstone lodge and hotel workers have accused labour officers of colluding with wealthy proprietors in abusing their rights.
According to well-placed sources within the tourism sector, a named Cabinet minister, police officers and labour officers have been receiving bribes from well-known operators in order for them to cover up the maltreatment of workers and flouting of labour laws for their personal gain.
Sources have told the Daily Nation in Livingstone that some known government officials have been manipulating complaints against a cartel of tour operators that have been abusing workers physically and emotionally.
The latest event is the dismissal of some workers from one of three tourism investors who are now calling themselves ‘The Big Three’.
Sources have disclosed that some complaints against the self-proclaimed ‘Big Three’ have been reported to the labour office but no results have been yielded.
The same tourism investors are now claiming that there is nothing which the Zambian government can do to them because they have been dining and wining with senior government officials.
It has further been discovered by the Daily Nation that several meetings have been held between the ministry of tourism, office of the district commissioner and ministry of labour to address the complaints but to no avail.
Earlier last month, Hotel Catering Tourism and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (HCTWAUZ) called for the deportation of the owner of Livingstone Adventure proprietor who also runs the Batoka Sky for Danny Brinks for flouting the country’s labour laws.
HCTWAUZ General Secretary Michelo Chizyuka accused Mr. Mr. Danny Brinks of flouting labour laws when he went ahead to dismiss 15 of employees for demanding to belong to the union.
Chizyuka said that failure by Mr. Brinks to reinstate the 15 should consequently lead to his deportation because he has failed to adhere to the Zambian laws.