.as Gerry Chanda counts PF factions’ luck

Muchinga Province minister Gerry Chanda has told Patriotic Front factions that they were lucky that President Michael Sata had allowed them to fight unabated.

Chanda claimed that President Sata was an exemplary democrat because in other countries, the leaders of the factions “would have been thrown in rivers as crocodile breakfast”.

The retired Army colonel -cum-politician yesterday in contributing to the motion debating President Sata’s speech in Parliament said the succession wrangles in the PF were not healthy for the ruling party and the country in general.

Col Chanda told Parliament that although the ruling party had come to terms with the succession turbulences fanned by those who were scheming to succeed President Sata, the people involved in what he termed as a saga were taking advantage of the gentleness of President Sata.

The Kanyama legislator said the in-fighting that had rocked the ruling party should not have been had the warring factions acted maturely, adding that it was unfortunate that the ruling party had been divided by the power struggle between the factions.

“The recent happenings in our party where party officials have been attacking each other are not health for the party and the country. We have come to terms with the wrangles and I thank President Sata for having curtailed them. I want to caution the people who have been engaged in the saga that they have been taking advantage of the gentleness of the President. In other countries, they would have been thrown into the river as breakfast for crocodiles,’ Col Chanda said.

Despite the opposition UPND and MMD having won four of the last five bye-elections, Col Chanda said the PF had remained strong despite the intra-party differences and that the ruling party had gained a lot.

He accused the opposition MPs in Parliament of being a circus in their debate alleging that stressed with the pain and agony of losing the 2011 general elections.

Col Chanda said the opposition MPs were being suffocated by the 2011 defeat adding the PF was a giant political party that would trounce the opposition political parties in the next general elections.

He explained that the achievements of the ruling party in the last two years had been a marvel to government and the citizens and that the opposition was being envious of the success of the ruling party.

Col Chanda the development in Muchinga Province was not tribal and that the PF government was balancing development across the country.

“The two years the PF has been in government have been a marvel not only to the ruling party but to general citizenry. The achievements recorded in the two years have been enviable and the creation of Muchinga Province was not done on the basis of tribe. This government is working hard to balance the development of the country and it is not correct to insinuate that development was being done on tribal basis,” Col Chanda said.