Inspirational leadership

The President cannot remain indifferent to the serious corruption and tribal aspersions cast against his ministers and central committee members.

The President may have intended to carry a middle course fearing to antagonise protagonists and antagonists alike but the result has been a damp squib with little impact on the issues and divisions that have rocked the Patriotic Front (PF).

 If anything, speculation of the infamous secret pact have been fuelled further.

The many contentious issues raised by members require decisive and forthright determination to set the tone for both the party and the nation at large.  The reconciliatory speech short on substance has done little to address real complaints and concerns that are dividing the party.

The fact that the President read from prepared text was not lost on anyone.  

We sympathise with the rank and file who must be wondering in what direction the party is driving and who is indeed in charge of the agenda.

Perhaps as a party they may have to wait for an elective forum from which a genuine and accountable leadership will be ushered into office. 

 Striking medics

It is our hope that the strike by medics will come to an end sooner than later . 

It is unfair, unconscionable and hard hearted for medics to continue striking on issues that have never been properly and formarly canvassed within labour negotiations.  It is common knowledge that strikes can only arise from disputes that are fully recognised under the industrial relations act.  Anything outside this is illegal.  That is why much as we sympathise with the medics we do not agree that patients should be deprived of service because of wage demands that have never been tested by any fora.

If the union leadership was at fault for accepting graduated wages which went counter to the wishes of the majority of employees, the workers as the bosses are free to pass a vote of no confidence and throw out such executive.  But to vent out such anger on hapless patients who have little or nothing to do with industrial disputes is most unfair and uncalled for.  We hope today will mark a full turn out of all staff while authorities look into discrepancies of wages.

 Fertiliser puzzle

 The Ministry of Agriculture has a lot to explain to the Zambian people on the procurement of fertiliser for this planting season.  While private entrepreneurs have imported all manner of fertiliser some of which is of totally poor quality, it is not clear why government has decided to participate at this very late hour.  Technocrats in the ministry of agriculture and those in the ministry of commerce must have known the lead times for procurement, transportation and distribution of fertiliser and must have therefore been aware that there was very little time to enable 50,000 metric tonnes from Saudi Arabia to get into Zambia before the planting season

With this knowledge adequate arrangements should have been made to ensure that quality fertilisers were imported into the country.

This sadly has not happened.  Government stocks will arrive late, while those imported by private businesses are of varying qualities some of which has been described as totally worthless.  The role of government should have been to facilitate an enabling environment for private entrepreneurs rather than itself get involved in the market where it is likely to fail to the detriment of our national food security.