Kapata asks Sata to fire Wynter

Patriotic Front Mandevu member of parliament Jean Kapata has for the second time written to the party deputy secretary general Bridget Atanga demanding that party secretary general Wynter Kabimba be disciplined and charged for bringing Cabinet and the party into disrepute.

In a letter copied to President Michael Sata, Kapata has complained that Kabimba’s comments in the media in which he alleged that some Cabinet ministers were corrupt are serious and should not be tolerated.

Kapata said that Kabimba’s allegations were not only serious but an offence under the law for not reporting corrupt activities and elements when he knew very well that corruption was going on.

She further demanded that Kabimba should exculpate himself over the allegations before the disciplinary committee of the party’s central committee of the PF as it was the normal procedure of dealing with matters of indiscipline.

Meanwhile, the Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka district leadership has accused its secretary general Wynter Kabimba of having formed a political party called the Fourth Republic Party (FRP) and that he was using the ruling party structures to build his new party.

PF Lusaka district vice-chairman Julius Komaki has revealed that Kabimba was allegedly conducting covert operations in a scheme meant to convert some ruling party members to the yet-to-be-registered party.

Komaki told the Daily Nation in a statement that it was surprising that Kabimba had continued casting aspersions on PF Lusaka district chairman Robert Chikwelete who was duly appointed and recognised by President Michael Sata.

The PF Lusaka district vice-chairman has appealed to members of the central committee to immediately institute disciplinary action against the Justice Minister whom they have accused of various transgressions against President Sata and the party in general.

Komaki said Kabimba was directly attacking President Sata by slandering his appointees and warned that should the Justice Minister continue maligning the authority of the Head of State, the youths would have no choice but to deal with him appropriately.

The PF Lusaka district leader said it was unbecoming for Kabimba to continue slandering Chikwelete and his executive as bad elements in the party that needed to be flushed out.

He said President Sata had openly recognized Chikwelete as the legitimate Lusaka district chairman yet Kabimba had continued parading deposed Goodson Banda and Kennedy Kamba as district and provincial chairpersons respectively.

Such parallel structures only confirm that Mr Kabimba’s intent to form the so called Fourth Republic Party through with his second assistant secretary general Situla Sikwiindi is real.It is surprising that Mr Kabimba has continued to malign the PF Lusaka district office executive as a bad element to be flash out of the PF. We wish to remind Mr Kabimba that His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia Mr Michael Chilufya Sata has endorsed the PF Lusakadistrict leadership,” Komaki said.

He said the Lusaka district PF leadership was fully aware that Kabimba was covertly working with some District Commissioners to convert PF structures into FRP.



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  1. PF is a party of hypocrites. Why can’t you see and accept that your president is impotent? As the appointing authority he has failed to bring order to the party and the world can see that the reason why you are clamouring around this one-man party is incumbency and your high levels of poverty. Why beat about the bush when the culprit is your leader? No one has the balls to tell your leader to show leadership and all you do is bark day and night. For once just shut up and continue licking your wounds in shame.

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