PF, MMD sign Mansa ceasefire

The ruling Patriotic Front and the opposition MMD have signed an agreement promising that there will be no campaigns in Mansa Central Constituency until after nominations day.

This was done during a meeting that was convened by the Electoral Commission of Zambia on Tuesday after the former ruling party petitioned the commission over the campaigns by Vice-President Guy Scott in Mansa late last month.

The MMD had written to the electoral body complaining that the ruling party had started campaigning before the dates for nominations and elections were not announced and that the commission should reprimand the PF for breaching the electoral law.

The meeting which was chaired by Clement Banda from the national conflict management was attending by deputy justice minister Dr Ngosa Simbyakula, Luapula Province chairperson Nickson Chilangwa, and PF assistant secretary general in charge of administration Nsama Yamba while MMD deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu, MMD chairperson for elections Kenneth Chipungu, Alfred Ndhlovu and Muhabi Lungu represented the MMD.

The two parties signed an agreement that there would be no campaigns in Mansa Central until after October 22 day for nominations.

However, in their defence, the PF team explained that they were in Mansa to carry out an instruction by President Michael Sata to go out and explain developmental projects to the citizens of this country.

They said they were not campaigning but simplydoing what the head of state had told them to do.

And the ECZ told the PF team that what they were doing was unfair to other political parties and advised them not to continue with the campaigns in areas where there were pending bye-elections.

“We are as the conflict management team want to harmonise the situation because the other political parties have complained that the ruling party had started campaigning before the campaign period was announced,” Banda told the two teams.

The former ruling party had threatened to organize country wide protest against the ECZ if it ignored the petition.