Banda dissolves cabinet over corruption

Malawi President Joyce Banda has dissolved her Cabinet a day after she defended the involvement of some cabinet ministers in a corruption scandal.

President Banda dissolved the cabinet after a meeting at the Lakeshore state house, ChikokoBay, in Mangochi district in the eastern region of the country.

The development follows massive looting of public money at Capital Hill, the seat of Malawi’s government, after government workers were found with millions of Kwacha in cash.

Information that circulated after the arrests pointed to the involvement of some cabinet ministers in the theft of government money.

The meeting started at 2pm, and, four hours later President Banda disolved cabinet.

According to a press release from the the office of President, Banda, in exercise of the powers conferred upon her by Section 94 (1) and Section 95 (2) of the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi, also dissolved parliament.

“President Banda has today, 10th October 2013, dissolved Cabinet,” reads the statement signed by Presidential spokesperson Steve Nhlane.

“Following the dissolution of the Cabinet, all ministerial matters will revert to the Presidency through Controlling Officers. Her Excellency the President will announce a new Cabinet in due course,” reads the statement.

3 thoughts on “Banda dissolves cabinet over corruption

  1. I salute Banda for taking a bold stand on the matters of corruption. She nothing but a lady! wat about Sata in Zambia? I don’t blame him but I blame his parents who were not serious to send him to serious scool. instead, he was taken to become a cop and do u think can come out a cop? A lady does things in style. The only time I heard him threatening to dissolve parliament is wen the opposition strongly was on him and wen his mps failed to tell the Zambians the un seen development. forcing the mps to tell pipo things which were not exiting but lip service. VIVA JOYCE

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