Nullification sparks protest

Opposition UPND spokesperson and Zambezi West MP Charles Kakoma has cried foul following the Supreme Court’s decision to nullify his and MMD’s Vubwi MP Eustachio Kazonga’s seats saying PF was manipulating the law to suit themselves.

The Supreme Court yesterday nullified the elections of MMD’s Eustachio Kazonga as Vubwi Member of Parliament and Kakoma as UPND Zambezi West legislator.

The decision by acting chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to nullify the two seats will result in the country spending more huge sums of money for by-elections in Vubwi and Zambezi west apart from the Petauke, Malambo and Mulobezi constituencies’ seats which were nullified a few months ago.

Kakoma said the move by the Supreme Court only proved to the people how the PF were desperate to increase their number in Parliament at the expense of developing the country and immediately declared that he would re-contest the seat as “I am ready to face them in any by-election.”

And UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said the indiscriminate nullification of seats by the PF was a brutal and violent assault on democracy in the ongoing campaign by the ruling party to make Zambia a one party state.

Zambians, he said, were appalled by the abuse of funds by the PF government on induced by-elections as they were uncalled for but merely created for the sole purpose of ensuring that the ruling party got more members in Parliament.

Mweetwa however warned that the PF will not have it easy as they will meet stiff competition in the field.

He said the opposition would make sure they retained the seats and accused the PF of trying to divert the people’s attention from squabbles in the ruling party.

And MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya said it was painful but not a surprise about what had happened to the Vubwi seat adding that the final judges in the PF schemes would be the Zambian people.


3 thoughts on “Nullification sparks protest

  1. It is disapointing how the s/court is acting on this issue of nullifieng opposition seats. I think the judges re not judging acording to the expetations of the peaple, coz even my grade7 dourghter can not sink so low on this issue. Judges shuld think twis.

  2. Very bad indeed that we can b spending money in useless by election when our nurses are payed pinuts and in hospitals ther are no drugs.

  3. If the courts indeed found proof that these guys bribed then we have no case. We should then bring cases of PF MPs as well and prove before the courts that is how it works.Some one should move a motion that Sata lied during campaigns. Constitution in 90 days etc. then we can test the genuineness of our courts.

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