PF split deepens

PF Lusaka district chairperson Robert Chikwelete has vowed that he will not vacate the district office despite vice president Guy Scott saying that he was a parallel structure that President Michael Sata referred to because he was self-imposed.

And students from higher learning institutions have given President Sata 48 hours to respond to the demands by party members to fire embattled party secretary general Wynter Kabimba, who has been accused of creating parallel structures with the aim of forming another party.

Chikwelete told the Daily Nation that his camp would not allow the party that they fought for to be destroyed by people that had just jumped on the band wagon and perpetuated unknown agendas.

He charged that Scott was promoting indiscipline in the party by supporting a group of people that created parallel structures to regard the efforts of party members that were interested in promoting the PF agenda.

“I call that indiscipline. The President has put it clearly that he needs people who are loyal but his own vice president has shown that he cannot obey him. I had great respect for Guy Scott but am wondering why he is going against what the President has directed. I can’t understand the agenda that Dr Scott has.

“They should not take President Sata for granted because whatever they are saying about me is directed at the appointing authority. How do they support someone who says am an amateur when I have served this party from ward level? I am assuring President Sata and all party members that we are working to organize that party and very soon the disbanded Kanyama constituency executive committee,” he said.

Chikwelete also challenged that ousted provincial chairperson Goodson Banda to tell the nation who had funded the luxurious press briefing he held at Court Yard Hotel yesterday.

“Where in this country have you seen people getting invitation cards to attend a press briefing and paying them? We want to know who funded the event,” he said.

He said Banda was to junior to challenge him because he was just put in that office by embattled secretary general without the authority of President Sata.

The former Lusaka mayor also challenged Kabimba to reveal the corrupt ministers serving under President Michael Sata.

He said Kabimba should tell the Anti-Corruption Commission who the corrupt ministers were so that the party disassociates its self the bad eggs.

He said it was just a matter of time and President Sata would make a decision because he had known who was going against him.

And Joacken Katebe Lusaka province higher learning institutions coordinator told the Daily Nation that students that sympathized with the ruling party had given President Sata 48 hours to respond to the demands of genuine party members.

Katebe who led a group of students in their protest yesterday said Mr. Sata should make a decision that would unite the party other than allowing the continued lawlessness that had characterized the party.

“Why should one party hold two different press briefings? President Sata should respond to the demands by the people and show leadership by firing Kabimba because he is the one that formed parallel structures.

“Why should Kabimba appoint a national youth coordinator when we have a national youth chairperson and other district officials when we had people in those positions? This is a warning to all well-meaning party members that they should not allow the Kabimba camp to destroy the party,” he said.


4 thoughts on “PF split deepens

  1. Kabimba is right, PF is a tribalistic party. Check who is speaking on behalf of PF students, Katebe another Bemba. C’mon, why can’t a Lungu, habenzu, or silumesii speak on behalf of the PF? PF is doomed. The end is in sight.

  2. It is apparent that Guy Scott, Kabimba, Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito and Nasebo obtained their respective university degrees with their skulls completely bankrupt on intellectual capabilities. It is obvious this clique of fake politicians-in-business do not have the capacity to analyse the dynamics of political landscapes in whci they have invested their economic lives.

    Guy Scott, Kabimba, Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito, Masebo etc must be reminded that Mr. Sata exploited the late Simon Kwansa Kapwepwe’s fame to float his PF as a rejuvenated UPP. Given this assumption, the real origin of PF is therefore closely linked to the origin of Kapwepwe’s UPP.

    In this regard, most Zambians know fully well that the foundation, slab and pillars on which PF party stands erect is located and based in Bemba-speaking Northern and Muchinga provinces with supportive reinforcement chains reaching out to Copperbelt and Luapula Provinces.

    Guy Scott is trying hard to burry his past involvement in the “SWINE SCANDAL” when he was Minister of Agriculture under FTJ Chiluba’s Govt; Mutembo Nchito and Fred Mmembe are praying to their God with the vain hope that the K14 Billion money fraudulently obtained from the Development Bank of Zambia will be buried for good. Masebo and Kabimba are prominent accessories to this great national plunder.

    However, should any STORM, EARTHQUAKE or TSUNAMI break-up to weaken the PF pillars and supportive appendages, this will spell the end of PF in this country. In this regard, Guy Scott, Wynter Kabimba, Mmembe, Nchito, Masebo etc will be drowned or sank into a deep chasm

  3. why not just come in the open, people will follow you if you have the capacity to lead, but we know a lot of parties which have gone under because there is no leader to lead them, Winter you are strong go for it people will follow you

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