Kamalo confesses

Lameck Kamalo has confessed that his organisation the Forth Republic Party was established to create parallel structures within the Patriotic Front for purposes of emerging strong in readiness for 2016 by two senior PF officials.

Kamalo said that his organisation was tasked to promote the federal system of governance which would have ensured that no tribe was superior to the other.

He said that he had closely working with two named senior PF officials to fortify the formation of the party which will spearhead the federal system of governance and that they were using the PF as a vehicle for the creation of parallel structures.

According to Kamalo, who was appointed interim president of the party, some named senior PF officials were allegedly pushing the agenda.

Kamalo in his letter of resignation dated October 9, 2013 thanked the two senior PF officials for trusting him and his ability to mobilise and champion the cause of the Forth Republic Party.

He expressed surprise that those involved in creating parallel structures were now afraid of coming out in the open to defend their activities that had been done openly by the two senior party officials.

He has since resigned and asked its sponsors to exclude him from the programme that aims at undermining the ruling party and government.

“I am one of the people that formed a political party called the Forth Republic sponsored by senior PF officials; I wish to confirm that those attempts have been there and are true. I have been the person given the mandate to mobilise and formulate and bring everybody on board to be able to join so that we can have a federal system of government in this country.

I have with immediately effect decided to resign from this process and any other activities that borders on the formation of the forth republic. I do not want to be entangled into any divisive actions that will bring disruption to anything good that has been put in place by government,” said Kamalo.

And a former PF official said that he had been vindicated when he revealed that some named PF senior officials were spearheading the formation of a political party using the PF party structures.


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  1. Incomplete! The sponsors are known to the whistle blower why is he not coming out strong?
    I will not be wrong if I said Kabimba is one of them, who is the other one. So that’s why we had Kabimba talking the tribal nonsense, the Law profession has gone to dogs or is it the other way round?

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