Sata must resign, says Fr Bwalya

Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya has called on Patriotic Front (PF) members to immediately begin demanding the resignation of President Michael Sata because he has failed to provide leadership in the party.

As the crisis in the Patriotic Front (PF) continues to deepen with President Michael Sata unable to address the succession wrangles, Lusaka Province erstwhile chairman has staged a dramatic coup de tat with the suspension of Robert Chikwelete, the current Lusaka district PF chairman.

“At the stage we have reached regarding the wrangles in the PF that have turned violent, unchristian with the involvement of coffins, it has become clear that Sata has failed to run the political party he formed and continues to be a leader. There is no way Sata can claim to have capacity to govern the country and members of the PF must demand for his resignation,” Fr Bwalya said.

Fr Bwalya said he was perfectly clear that it was President Sata who was fueling confusion in party by allowing both factions to do as they wished while he (Sata) watched on people threatening to kill each other.

The ABZ leader said President Sata was practicing old type of politics that were destructive both the economic performance of the country and the peace and tranquility the country has been enjoying.

He said the PF had embarked on a course that was likely to kill the ruling party stating that the consequences of the ruling party disintegrating before the 2015 general elections would be dire.

Fr Bwalya has advised that the PF should endeavour to resolve their dep differences maturely, fairly and amicably.

“As I have stated in the past, Sata is like  a soccer player calling for the ball but when the ball is passed on to him, he does not know what to do and fumbles about. Since the ball of governance was passed to him in 2011, Sata has just been fumbling and this is negatively affecting the economy and our politics,” Fr Bwalya said.

And the Chikwelete camp has vowed that it did not recognise Geoffrey Chumbwe as Lusaka Province chairman because he was suspended from the party on allegations of illegal land allocation and that his suspension had not been lifted.

Chumbwe at a media briefing yesterday heavily guarded by police announced the suspension of Chikwelete stating that he had been authorised by President Sata to take against the Lusaka district chairman.

Efforts to get Chikwelete failed but Julius Komaki said the alleged suspension of Chikwelete would spark more anti-Kabimba protests in Lusaka and other provinces.

The PF Lusaka district vice chairman and his vice secretary Benja Siwila said Kabimba had become a danger to the ruling party and President Sata, and should at all costs be expelled from the party.

Komaki said as along as Kabimba was the secretary general of the PF, the wrangles that have erupted in the party would never end and that it was up to President Sata to heed to the demands of the majority or kill the party by anointing the justice minister to the presidency.

Komaki has said the youths across the country have resolved that they would start boycotting the campaigns in the by-elections in protest against Kabimba.

Komaki has said President Sata and Kabimba should forget about winning any Parliamentary by-elections in Eastern Province because traditional leaders were annoyed with Kabimba whom they have accused of orchestrating dismissals of people from the region.

Komaki said Eastern Province would remain a no-go-area for the PF for as long as Kabimba remained the secretary general predicting that the opposition MMD was likely to win all the parliamentary by-elections in Eastern Province.

And Siwila charged that Vice-President Guy Scott, Kabimba and a named daily newspaper were causing confusion in the party and that the youths in Lusaka would do everything to ensure that President Sata was delinked from the cartel holding him hostage.

“It has become extremely dangerous to continue keeping Kabimba in the party. Whether he likes it or not, he (Kabimba) is going. Look at what happened in Egypt. Within 17 days, one of the most powerful leaders in Africa fell and who is Kabimba to continue causing trouble in our party? ,” Siwila said.

Meanwhile cabinet ministers and PF members of Parliament have told the daily Nation that should the opposition members of parliament take to house an impeachment motion to have President Sata impeached, they would be ready to support the motion..

“Even the Office of the President is not with us. And what is most worrying is that all our neigbouring countries are now frowning at us. When you are on the ground, people are saying Chanda Chimba III and former PF secretary general Edward Mumbi had warned us but we did not listen. Everything they warned us against is happening, the officials said.

3 thoughts on “Sata must resign, says Fr Bwalya

  1. Sata knows that the game is over!
    He knows he has lamentably failed.
    His, is now like that of a football team playing to fulfil the conditions knowing very well that they are already relegated.
    The sooner PF “others” acknowledges this and embarks on a PF without Sata the better!

  2. Much ado about nothing! Parliamentarians might as well keep quiet and enjoy the benefits of having duped the electorate to be erstwhile representatives than raise our hopes that they will ever do what is right for the country.

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