Easterners petition Sata

The Eastern Development Foundation is planning to petition President Sata and the PF government for failing to develop the province and completely ignoring appointing eminent people from the region to government positions.

Foundation leader Kelvin Chulu said that President Sata and the PF government have forgotten about the province adding that the region was not benefitting anything from the so called developmental PF government programmes.

“We have been left out and this is getting out of hand. President Sata has not culturally, economically or socially tried to develop the region and this is a strong sign that we are not part of government” he said.

He confirmed that the Foundation will next month hold a consultative meeting and has invited all the 14 Members of Parliament from the province and representatives of the Eastern Royal Establishment to draw up a strong petition.

“All the 14 MPs from the region are happy that such a move has been taken to petition the president on the failure to develop the region and ignoring appointing people to government positions.

“We are meeting to plan the way forward because we have been completely left out and this is worrying us. We have already applied to the police for the permit to hold the meeting and they have positively responded and all the eminent people from the region have confirmed that they will attend the meeting.” He said.

He maintained that there were big problems in the region which the PF have failed to attend to and hence “our resolution to retreat and discuss the way forward.”

“We the concerned Easterners have created a forum at which all the easterners have to conduct an open and honest self assessment in regard to the cultural, economic performance and unity in the province” he said.

Chulu said President Sata’s failure to develop the province has convinced the easterners that they were not part of the system and unless we do something, people in the area will never benefit anything from the ruling government.

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