Name corrupt ministers

Anglican priest Father Richard Luonde has challenged minister of justice Wynter Kabimba to name the ministers in President Michael Sata’s cabinet who are involved in corrupt activities so that they can face investigations.

Luonde has said no Zambian was special in the matters of corruption and Kabimba should expose ministers in Cabinet and other senior government officials involved in the vice.

The outspoken Anglican priest has charged that  in a country where the powerful and corrupt individuals took control of the management of national affairs, there was a danger that the presidency would easily be held hostage.

Luonde told the Sunday Nation in an interview that it would be economically and politically dangerous for Zambia to be allowed to be governed by what he called the Mafioso.

The priest who is board member of the Open Society said if Kabimba had empirical evidence that there were cabinet ministers who were using government offices to cut dirty deals, it was important that he should be courageous enough and report such individuals to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).

The embattled justice minister who is facing fierce revolt from within his party recently stated that he had empirical evidence that some of his colleagues in cabinet were allegedly flying out of the country almost every week on personal errands.

Kabimba also alleged that the said cabinet ministers were using government offices to get tenders to prop up their businesses which were failing when the PF was in the opposition.

“If Kabimba has solid and empirical evidence as he is claiming, he must have courage to name them or forward their names to investigative agencies. No Zambian should be seen to be special to avoid being investigated and in a country where you the powerful who are corrupt controlling the governance system, then we are doomed as a country,”  Luonde said.

He  said it was gratifying that Kabimba had openly spoken about corruption in the ruling party and that it was up to the investigating agencies to use the information to institute investigations.


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  1. Very good that is the news we would like to follow up don’t just talk give evidence to the police you can’t let corrupt leaders steal everthing from the poor and you keep queit if you know please tell the police it is evil to just watch

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