No jobs, no money in 2014 – UPND

UPND has described the 2014 Budget as the worst in the history of the country because it had come with a freeze on wages and staff recruitment in the civil service.

Kuchunga Simusamba, the deputy secretary general for the United Party for National Development (UPND) said in an interview yesterday that the PF formed government on the promise of ‘more money in people’s pockets and more jobs for a mass of unemployed citizens but the 2014 Budget had shown that there will be no jobs and no money for Zambians for the next two years.

Simusamba said Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda had announced that the PF government had frozen wages and staff recruitment in the public service yet the PF leadership was boasting of creating 200,000 jobs in the next five years.

He said it was politically disheartening that the PF had continued lying to citizens even when it had become clear that they had failed to deliver their mega promises of more money and more jobs for the people.

The UPND official said while Chikwanda had announced that about 58,000 jobs had been created, President Michael Sata had informed the nation that his government had created 317, 000 jobs, acutely contradicting figures.

He explained that out of the 317,000 jobs President Sata had announced, the minister of tourism and arts had indicated that 300,000 jobs had been created in her sector alone.

“This is the worst budget ever presented since Zambia turned to multiparty democracy, As you already know, the PF formed government on the premise of more money in people’s pockets and more jobs for Zambians. But in his budget, Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda announced a freeze on wages and staff recruitment in the civil service. So according to the Budget, there are no jobs and no money for Zambians,” Simusamba said.

Simusamba challenged the PF government to state clearly to Zambians the truth about the politics of job creation.

The UPND official further said the PF government had been reckless in borrowing and that in the next one year; Zambia would have been taken back to the days of Kenneth Kaunda when the country’s debt burden had reached unsustainable levels.He said the PF government in their reckless borrowing was likely to turn Zambia was to a highly indebted country and advised that the minister of finance should resist the temptation of borrowing without limits.Simusamba further said Zambians were expecting the budget to allocate money for the construction of Lewanika and Luapula universities.


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3 Responses to “No jobs, no money in 2014 – UPND”

  1. Style Katuta says:

    We know that opposition is there to oppose but a Party worth of any vote need to come up with what they would do differently. It appears the opposition have no Ideas other than criticizing, insulting and inculcating pessimism in the hearts of people. Give people something to smile about, negativity is by far a solution to anything.

    • Sata is the one who opposed everything MMD did without offering solutions.

      UPND once even did a parallel budget to show Zambians how governance must be done and economics must be played out.

      Ukwa has NO clue on Governance issues. Alitubepa.

  2. FuManchu says:

    Lets hear constructive debate in parliament, maybe for the first time a rejected budget!