PF abusing judiciary, says Siakalima

There is total abuse of the judiciary by the ruling Patriotic Front government who are dictating to the courts on the outcome of the electoral cases involving opposition political parties, Douglas Siakalima has said.

And MMD deputy national secretary ChembeNyangu said the PF had no legal authority to decide who should be eligible to participate in an election but that such authority was the preserve of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

Siakalima charged that the decision by the PF to block former Zambezi East Member of Parliament Charles Kakoma and MMD Vubwi Member of Parliament Eustacio Kazonga from re-contesting their seats was total disregard of the law.

He said the decision to go and seek refuge in the Supreme Court was not wise as there was already a case before the courts of law.

“It is a shame for the ruling party to go to court and ask it to do what you want. They should let the judges assess the grounds on which the seats were nullified because as far as we are concerned these people were not barred at judgment level,” he said.

The UPND pointed out that the ruling party was showing desperate attempts to frustrate opposition political parties and the growth of democracy this country.

He wondered why the PF was so eager to use the back door to get the parliamentary seats when a similar matter was before the courts of law.

Siakalima has since advised the PF to withdraw the case from the court and allow a full participation in the democratic growth of the country.

Meanwhile Nyangu said it was unnecessary for the ruling party to abuse the law when the electoral law was clear on who was eligible to contest in an election.

He said the action by the PF was nothing but an act of intimidating the judiciary using the advantage of incumbency.


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  1. Let rthe PF cpntinue with all these schemes. they are just fueling our desire and love for the opposition more and more.

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