Sata sickness was discussed

Wynter Kabimba has been openly discussing President Michael Sata’s alleged ill health and has been urging his supporters to be prepared and support his bid to succeed the Head of State, Winnie Manenga Kamayoyo Oyat has charged.

And police yesterday stopped cadres protesting calling for Kabimba’s removal from marching to State House without a permit.

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) central committee chairperson for arts and culture further alleged that her party secretary general and Minister of Justice has since managed to create parallel structures.

Oyat has charged that the PF secretary general had been meeting district commissioners (DCs) in Western Province telling them that President Sata had betrayed him by failing to officially anoint him as the heir to the Presidency in 2016.

She has since petitioned President Sata to immediately remove Kabimba as the party’s secretary general and that his nomination as member of parliament should also be revoked so that he could cease to be justice minister.

According to the allegations, President Sata was to be ambushed with Kabimba’s candidature for the Presidency had a convention been held. This would be after he has supplanted PF structures with his appointees.

Oyat said Kabimba had shown open presidential ambitions and that he had allegedly been campaigning and punishing party leaders who were loyal to President Sata by either suspending them or dissolving their positions.

The central committee member for arts and culture said in a petition obtained by the Daily Nation that Kabimba was allegedly promoting people who defected from the United Party for National Development (UPND) and the United Liberal Party (ULP) so as to strengthen his parallel structures.

“As a member of the central committee for arts and culture, I am petitioning you Your Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zambia, Michael Sata that Kabimba should be removed as party secretary general and that he should be fired as justice minister. Sir, he has openly spoken about your alleged illness to all of us and had kept urging us to be ready to support him in his quest to take over from you,” Manenga Kamayoyo said.

She explained in her petition dated October 7, 2013 to President Sata that Kabimba had caused so many divisions in the ruling party and that the people who were loyal to President Sata were being sidelined and segregated against.

Manenga Kamayoyo complained that it had become practically impossible for founder members of the PF who had sacrificed a lot to the growth and eventual victory in 2011 to work in the party.

“Your Excellency, their plans to hijack the party at the next convention are advanced and require that the loyal members of the party are supported to thwart such schemes. At his (Kabimba) meeting with district commissioners in Western Province, he claimed that you had betrayed him by not officially anointing him as your successor as had allegedly been promised. He told the DCs that you seem to have changed your mind on the promise as you have shown signs that you are either interested to go for the second term or you might anoint someone else,” Manengo Kamayoyo said in her petition.

She stated that the failure by Kabimba to exhibit humility and humbleness to party members and the general public had disqualified him from being a leader with a national character.

Manengo Kamayoyo said she strongly believed in what she had revealed and that she had nothing to fear and was ready to repeat the same things even in the presence of Kabimba or any other witness.

She said Kabimba had shown dangerous traits that had the potential to sink the party that had been sailing smoothly over the years unless President Sata took action against his secretary general.

Efforts to get Kabimba failed as his mobile phone went unanswered.





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  1. Why is Kabimba so much in a hurry he should just allow the oldman go for his full period of time two terms then he can try his luck if he is capable for the office but he has never achieved anything in life I don’t think he can even win a seat in parliament

  2. Kabimba is dull and his boss satana. what else do u think this sata can against kabimba. Its good that the party is in division. The pipo of Zambia u voted for a sake. Am sure most of u if not all, u are remembering the strong warning from “the prophet chanda chiimba III).

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